ZTE Axon 30 Telephones

ZTE Axon 30 telephones and GPS is okay. The device also has a fairly stable and fast mobile data network connection. Throughout our use there were no problems for 4G as well as VoLTE connections all the time. WiFi usage is also quite good. Phone calls with this device are also quite bright and clear, although the device is a bit large in size it is not heavy and comfortable only.

The use of GPS is also not a problem on this device. It locks in locations quickly and is able to give intricacies well. Even when sharing a location on WhatsApp or using the Check In function on any social media app is also quite accurate.

The other big problem on this device other than the unstable MyOS 11 is, the battery isn’t very site resistant. The 144Hz or 120Hz setting seems to make no difference in terms of battery usage. Even the 90Hz setting has very little difference.

Throughout the use of this device no matter extreme or normal use, SOT is only around 4 hours to 5 hours only. Never did we receive up to over 5 hours. The 65W fast charging does help, but for a battery capacity approaching 5000mAh and a flagship gadget having a battery like this is unsatisfactory.

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There is no doubt that this ZTE Axon 30 Ultra 5G device attracts attention. It has a sexy design, solid specs, great camera and is a premium device. It’s a pity that the display is not very satisfactory for viewing content, the usual selfie camera, and the software that is very straightforward is a very frustrating thing for a device priced at RM3,299.

The advantages of this device on auto photography and videography mode, night mode, first play and audio only. Other of these devices have many shortcomings. The selling price like this is unforgivable, Xiaomi which has MIUI problems is not as bad as this device and they are forgivable because the selling price of the device is affordable.

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