Xiaomi Pad 5 Conclusion

The Xiaomi Pad 5 conclusion is a tablet I can say is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The robust screen, powerful processor, still premium design and high -stamina battery are matched by heavy software as well as a lack of tablet -specific application support.

As a tablet for teleconferencing, PdPR and watching video content it is among the most fun I have ever reviewed. Despite the IPS LCD screen, it is very beautiful especially if watching Dolbu Vision content. Streaming 4K video from YouTube is also no problem as the Snapdragon 860 is quite powerful. Making it a tablet for the first time is also not disappointing as the majority of apps can run at high settings. Smooth but not a hot tray like the device with the Snapdragon 888.

But often times MIUI 12.5 provides a not -so -smooth usage experience. The 120Hz screen has ghosting issues and random drop frames. When many heavy applications are launched, a time lag can be felt while performing application switching. I am aware of all this because I am already accustomed to a smoother experience on Xiaomi gadget with 8GB and above.

This is an issue I did not experience on the Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE reviewed earlier. Strange feature of adding RAM Memory Extension is not given to Pad 5 whereas memory addition can solve the issues I mentioned earlier.

Do I still recommend the Xiaomi Pad 5 to you? Yes if you are looking for a tablet to watch videos, firsts and online classes. Android needs to be more serious about offering apps for tablets if it wants to kick the iPad into a hole like Leonidas kicked a Farsi messenger. Granted the newly launched iPad Gen 9 is more expensive but if you really want a tablet, it’s hard to say no to Apple at the moment.


Beautiful design and premium feel.
The Snapdragon 860 processor is powerful for the majority of the first
The screen is also beautiful with Dolby Vision HDR support.
The audio is also steady.
Good battery life with fast charging.
There is Xiaomi Smart Pen stylus support.

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Tablet -specific software is still not enough.
6GB of RAM is not enough for a tablet.
No accessories for sale. Styluses and keyboards are not available in the Malaysian market.
The camera is just simple.

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