Xiaomi Pad 5 Camera

The 13MP main Xiaomi Pad 5 camera is matched with the 8MP front camera. It is very refreshing to comment on a device that is only equipped with a basic camera because we now live in a world of smartphones having eyes which is almost as numerous as a spider.

Tablets are not devices used for photographic purposes and therefore the sensors used will be small as well as absent with extreme gimmicks. The quality of the pictures taken I can say will not qualify the Xiaomi Pad 5 to win any photography awards of 2021. It is too basic and its performance ala rate.

In good lighting situations the pictures taken are bright but the white balance is less balanced. Although HDR and AI -enabled modes the picture has the problem of overexposure sometimes and no dynamic range in the same situation. Camera software is inconsistent. In a slightly dark state, it can be seen that noise begins to appear in the picture.

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When the subject is placed near the lens, again the white balance is less than satisfactory. See a picture of rice joined to a plate in one even color. The image is also less sharp. Color reproduction is also less pronounced. I can say more similar to the camera performance of Xiaomi’s entry level gadget.

I would like to give Xiaomi a chance; as this is an attempt to launch the first tablet for a long time. They have to train before they can walk and then accelerate like Usain Bolt. But at the moment the software on the Xiaomi Pad 5 needs to be much improved; before it can provide real competition to the Apple iPad family.

Overall the Xiaomi Pad 5 still feels like using a Xiaomi phone with a larger screen. There are distinct pros and cons that will test users depending on their level of patience.

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