Xiaomi Pad 5 Body

In addition to the ‘face’, the Xiaomi Pad 5 body will also attract attention. With a flat side it feels sturdy in the hand. The metal frame feels and looks so premium that it is able to compete with the iPad Pro which is sold at a price that is many times higher. It’s not even an exaggeration to say the Pad 5 is a clone to the iPad Pro just without Face ID.

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The large power button has a flat surface as if by supporting a fingerprint scanner. Unfortunately this is not true at all because the Pad 5 only supports a 2D face scanning system. No additional features of the screen or side fingerprint scanner. This is a Xiaomi austerity measure that can be seen positively or negatively depending on personal preference. I have no issues with no other biometric scanning system because I really don’t use it on other tablets at home.

The audio adjustable buttons are also sturdy on the top of the tablet. Four speaker lattice holes are placed on the sides (two on each side) that support Dolby Atmos audio. At the bottom there is also a USB-C charging port. While the tablet’s body is big enough, the Xioami doesn’t include an audio jack or infrared transmitter A rather odd option but the world has indeed shifted away from wired audio accessories and iOT -connected devices not requiring a remote control.

What’s a little less fun is the camera hump which although not that high still; makes the tablet less comfortable to place on the workbench surface. Even the risk of a scratched lens is quite high; because Xiaomi does not equip the camera with a Gorilla Glass DX protective lens. Overall the body gadget design of the Pad 5 is very good, comparable to the more premium and the most flagship tablets, but importantly does not feel or look cheap.

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