Xiaomi Mi A3 Battery

The Xiaomi Mi A3 battery brings a huge battery boost over the Xiaomi Mi A2, through a capacity of 4030 mAh compared to 3010 mAh. With an 11nm chip and a battery capacity of this size, it is expected to provide longer screen life and flash – not to mention the use of a 720p screen. Through real -world testing, the Xiaomi Mi A3 is able to provide excellent screen lighting, which is around 7 hours 41 minutes for all -day use.

In terms of charging, this Xiaomi gadget is seen to support fast charging based on 18W, but Xiaomi only supplies a 10W charger with the purchase of this device. Through the provided 10W charger, Xiaomi Mi A3 can be charged around 2 hours 3 minutes from 0-100%battery capacity.

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The Xiaomi Mi A3 is seen to have a lot of potential if users do not view its screen resolution as a weakness. It comes with an elegant build, offers an AMOLED display; and is powered by a smooth and efficient mid -range chip. This gadget also comes with an excellent tri-camera system; supports 18W fast charging, and has a very long battery capacity for daily use. It also still retains IR blaster support, besides having restored two important things on mid -range devices; namely a microSD card slot and a 3.5mm audio jack.

Just what is the criticism of users, the screen resolution only supports 720p; which is a resolution that is considered very low for the selling price of a device over RM800. Despite offering a sophisticated under -screen finger scanning system; its performance is seen to be less consistent in unlocking the device. It is also seen to be only present in the 4GB RAM memory variant; apart from only being supplied with a 10W charger in the pearnti purchase box.

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