Xiaomi Mi 9T Speakers

There’s not much I want to tell you about the Xiaomi Mi 9T speakers. The design of this device is already good and the position of the speakers and earpiece is already acceptable. It’s just, it still has mono speakers. The audio results are good, just not very satisfactory. The sound level is loud enough but the listening experience using the Mi 9T speakers is not immersive.

As for the battery, the Mi 9T has a 4000mAh battery capacity with 18W fast charging support via USB-C. The battery of this device is satisfying and makes my heart quite happy. The maximum SOT I get is over 8 Hours. That is the daily use of social media and streaming Netflix online as well as offline. When I often play for the first time, the SOT I achieve is around 6-7 Hours and above.

18W fast charging is not the fastest. But when using a USB-PD fast charger, it feels pretty fast. It reminds me of the fast charging of the Google Pixel 3.

The speaker score is 7/10, while the battery score is 10/10.

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The Xiaomi Mi 9T has a design equivalent to a flagship device. Glass construction and covered by Gorilla Glass 5, sexy design, comfortable in the hand, good enough size and also gives the impression of using a luxury device.

The front of the screen has no notches, no ‘forehead bumps’, the gadget design is almost full frameless and also has a relatively thin chin. Designs like this are modern designs that many dream of. At the back is a tri-camera in the middle, a glass-built panel, unique colors and most importantly a premium look. Build like this is quite good, not so slippery.

For security, the device has both a fingerprint scanner and also face recognition to unlock the device. As usual ‘cheap’ Android devices use selfie cameras, so on the Mi 9T it’s a bit slow – but fast. No problem to recognize faces, but waiting for the camera to be raised is a frustrating thing.

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