Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro General Performance

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro General Performance – Phone calls on this device are really good. The recipient will say the voice is so clear, no hissing or interference. Making the phone call experience comfortable and not a problem if there are important phone calls that take a long time. Mobile data is also no problem, in areas that are frequently intermittent H+ to 4G, devices have no problem to maintain the 4G network always.

GPS is also surprisingly this device is able to lock the location well and very fast. We tested on Google Maps only, where the journey from Kuala Lumpur to Seremban displays the intricacies that are easy to see, no network problems and will make the journey smoother.


5000mAh is a fairly large battery capacity for a flagship gadget. This makes the size of the device a little thicker and heavier. But thankfully this large battery size is not a gimmick and is capable of providing a fairly long lifespan. As always, in the Amanz lab we will turn on almost all network -related settings. This is because it will make our task easier. For simple regular daily use-it is capable of providing a durability of around 6-7 hours SOT for a 144Hz screen.

Clearly here, AdaptiveSync helps optimize the use of screen refresh rate very well. Although it is difficult to tell when this customizable mode is first set, but if you look for it there is clearly a difference. But if use the device as usual, it is not a problem and will always feel smooth.

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The mi speakers used are stereo type. One on the bottom and another on the earpiece side. In the absence of a 3.5mm audio jack port, the stereo speakers are excellent for short -term use. What we didn’t like about the speakers of this device was, it wasn’t loud and loud enough. Although it is set to the maximum volume, it is normal.

The audio quality is excellent, which is not at a disappointing level. It’s more flat and not so focused on bass. Listening to 2-3 music is enough or watching a short video will make you feel satisfied. To watch movies, it is better to use TWS or other audio accessories for a more satisfying experience.