Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro Benchmark

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro Benchmark – The benchmark score for this device is what you see in a Snapdragon 865 -powered device with 8GB of RAM memory. We use AnTuTu, Geekbench and also Don’t Kill My App. No surprising scores either, but memory management and background apps are the most disappointing.

Don’t Kill My App is a benchmark test to identify whether a Xiaomi gadget has memory management problems or not. More specifically, it is to test the ability of applications running in the background. If its value is close to 100%, it means it has good memory management and there should be no problems in handling applications running in the background. This device only received a score of 44%. This makes this device have a problem if you want to reopen the application. Reopened applications will reload frequently.

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The AnTuTu score is 577,190 which is the score we really expected for a device like this. The Geekbench score was 908 for a single core and 3,272 for a multi-core. The Geekbench score looks quite high and great.

First play is also completely no problem, as it allows this device to play first at the highest setting. COD Mobile or PUBG Mobile are all very good. The graphics are well displayed and provide a more immersive gaming experience. PUBG Mobile also supports interesting vibration non -response while playing. The first play problem on this device is not on the time lag, but the heating issue. This device has problems from controlling the temperature, which makes the use of this device limited if it starts to heat up.

Thankfully, the heat issue on this Xiaomi device is not so serious and it will start to cool back in no time. Overall, the biggest issue on the performance of the device is from the temperature alone and others will give a very good experience.