Xiaomi 11T Usage

Xiaomi 11T usage & software. Stepping into the interior, the Xiaomi 11T uses a MediaTek Dimensity 1200-Ultra chip. According to MediaTek, the production of this chip is part of MediaTek’s Dimensity Open Resource Architecture program. Through it, it allows manufacturers to access the chip’s internal hardware and software more efficiently. It also brings an eight-core chip design at speeds up to 3.0GHz with a matching nine-core GPU and a powerful AI processor built into the 6nm technology chip.

Memory matching is 8GB of RAM (LPDDR4X) and internal storage up to 256GB (UFS 3.1). At the same time, the Xiaomi 11T also supports a virtual memory expansion system of up to 3GB of RAM. Not to be outdone, it also comes with a three -version support guarantee of Android and a four -year security patch.

Honestly we say, its performance is commendable due to the quite satisfactory user experience. The Xiaomi gadget is capable of working well and most applications can be launched without any problems. The same goes for performance for games, the average can be played very well.

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Talking a bit about the initial settings, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang can be played up to Ultra high graphics, in addition to HD and HFR Mode support that can be activated. Next, other starters like PUBG Mobile have original graphics settings at HD and High frame rates. Still, it can still be played with the highest settings of HDR graphics at Ultra frame rates.

More interestingly, it also plays with a frame rate as high as 90FPS when played on Smooth graphics. But as usual, such a setting will certainly cause the battery to drain quickly. COD Mobile has the original High graphics settings and High frame rate. But can also be played reaching Max frame rate when played at the highest Very High graphics.

Xiaomi 11T is equipped with MIUI 12.5.3 interface based on Android 11. It has a cheerful, neat and beautiful display design. Both in terms of icons, as well as the layout. The installed fat app is also available, however it can still be easily deactivated.

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