Xiaomi 11T Is Good

The conclusion is we love it, because Xiaomi 11T is good. It is a versatile device with a number of attractive offerings. Good 120Hz AMOLED screen, impressive performance, great camera capabilities for most situations and satisfactory battery life. It is also suitable for those of you who love macro photography.

Where, a 5MP sensor for that purpose is capable of capturing every detail on a subject or object quite clearly. So, you can definitely explore the wider world of macro. More interestingly, Xiaomi also promises a long -term update with a guarantee of support for three versions of Android and a security patch for four years.

However, the charging time is still acceptable but not as advertised by Xiaomi. However, if you need a device with incredible charging support, it is better to choose the pro model with 120W fast charging. In Malaysia, the Xiaomi 11T is priced at RM1,699 for the 8GB/128GB variant. Then, the Xiaomi 11T with 8GB/256GB memory costs RM1,899.

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Phone calls can be made clearly without any problems. One feature that is also supported is phone calls using WiFi (VoWiFi) and VoLTE networks. However, sometimes the Xiaomi 11T unit in our hands faces network problems as can be found on a number of affordable gadget owned by Xaiomi, Redmi or Poco.

What we mean here is a less stable 4G network. It appears frequently intermittent, especially when the device is use as a hotspot. This is very frustrating because we use the device as an internet source at home. When frequently interrupted the process of going through work is interrupt. This is not a problem of the telco cellular network we use because once the SIM is transferred to another device this issue does not arise at all.


Well built with attractive design.
The screen is nice, bright and beautiful.
Fast & smooth 120Hz refresh rate.
Processor chip with superior performance.
Virtual RAM support helps better performance.
Satisfactory camera capabilities in most situations – both for photo capture and video recording.


The back panel is easily dirty.
There is no microSD slot space.
Unbalanced audio quality.
Network problem is less stable.
No 3.5mm audio jack.

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