Wiko Power U20 Display Quality

The Wiko Power U20 Display Quality – This gadget is equipped with a display with a small notch design. Through it, it brings a 6.82-inch screen size that feels large enough for the satisfaction of viewing various types of media content-whether it is text, photos or video. As one of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ users, I didn’t have any problems getting used to smart devices equipped with such a large size. This smart device is interesting because it has a screen display and a fairly large battery capacity.

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The Display Panel

The panel used is a type of IPS LCD that is matched with HD+ resolution (720 x 1640 pixels) with a pixel density of 270 ppi. One more thing, Wiko also uses a bezel that is thick enough for all sides on this front panel – especially on the chin. This will indirectly cause a sense of unease among a handful of users who emphasize the issue of balanced packaging.

In terms of quality, the screen display was at a fine level when tested. A satisfactory user experience can still be enjoyed when this smart gadget is used in an indoor area. Through it, the display quality looks bright and comfortable only to be seen. But no doubt, you will find this screen display easy to display pixels.

However, it can be considered normal for an entry -class device to be offered at such a price range. I also found that the quality of this display is slightly affected; when used in the open (outdoor) – for example in bright sunlight. The live display becomes a bit dim and difficult to see. It also makes the content on the screen a little difficult to read; even though the brightness setting is at its maximum.

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