Wiko Power U20 Battery and Camera Quality

Wiko Power U20 Battery and Camera Quality – The 6,000mAh battery, he said, can last up to 4 days. Nevertheless, our test results found that the maximum this device can be able to withstand is up to two days. It is a common use such as browsing websites, scrolling social media, a few first apps and others. Good on durability, doesn’t mean good either for the recharging process.

In fact, the use of micro-USB type port instead of USB-C on it, also makes this smart gadget quite outdated. Meanwhile, we can see that there are already many devices in a comparable class that use the USB-C port. But, Wiko is still in the old notch. If Wiko uses a USB-C type port maybe this device will be better. The recharging time is also not very good and the time taken is also long – i.e. more than two hours for a full charge.

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The quality of the pictures taken is good for most everyday situations. The production of the picture is clearly visible with the detail of the image that can still be maintained. Then, the color production as you can see is still also good and capable of producing a satisfactory picture. Maybe it’s not the best device, but take photos for sharing on social sites – the quality of photos taken using this device is adequate.

For its front camera capabilities, it is also able to give good results for most situations. The color is quite bright, only the details can sometimes be soft if it does not have enough lighting. Not to be outdone, it also supports the beautify mode function which can be adjusted with support for the use of front and rear cameras.

In terms of video recording, the Wiko Power U20 offers the highest recording up to 1080P/30fps. It is seen as adequate for daily use. But unfortunately, no specific stabilization mode is included along with it. Not only that, the audio production from the video recording is also unsatisfactory.