Vivo Y20s Achievements

Vivo Y20s Achievements – Moving on to performance, the Vivo Y20s brings the same chips as the Vivo Y20, Realme C15 and Oppo A53 through the Snapdragon 460 chip generation. It is an eight -core chip that uses an 11nm -based build. It also uses the same GPU as the Snapdragon 662 chip, the Adreno 610. In addition, it is equipped with Multi-Turbo 3.0 technology and Ultra Game mode for a more immersive gaming experience. There is no other option for memory, instead it only comes with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. If this space is still not enough, there is still additional space up to the maximum limit of 256GB via microSD card.

We also had time to do some benchmarking tests on this smartphone. Where, the Vivo Y20s managed to score a score of 155,575 points for the Antutu test. Meanwhile, 255 points for the single -core test and 1,140 points for the multi -core test were through the Geekbench benchmark.

Initially, this smart gadget was seen to provide smooth performance. All daily activities such as scrolling, opening, closing and downloading applications can be done well. However, this situation starts to change when too many applications are opened at one time. Here, we begin to realize a significant time delay problem begins to occur.

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When scrolling is done, it is clear that it feels less smooth. The transition from one app to another also seems a bit slow. Then, to make matters worse he got stuck in some situations. For the first (mobile game), a smooth and good gaming experience can still be felt. But, the condition is that you are advised to play on basic graphics settings only. If you’re hoping for more, we can only say the performance was a bit disappointing.

In a simple sense, these Vivo Y20s are arguably not suitable for those who are the hardcore first type. On the other hand, just using it to play for fun can be said to be enough. Next, using the Vivo Y20s as a device for social media and web surfing is also tempting. The reason is, it is still able to perform the most basic functions of a smart device well.