Vivo V21 Usage And Software

Vivo V21 Usage And Software – The Vivo V21 uses the Dimensity 800U chip, which is a competitor to the Snapdragon 720G chip. The Snapdragon chip is also used on the Vivo V21 SE which is sold at a slightly cheaper price. What is surprising here is, the Dimensity 800U chip is able to provide a better usage experience than the Snapdragon 720G as it feels a little smoother and faster.

This is probably because Funtouch OS 11 is quite lightweight and user friendly. Anyway, in terms of scrolling and direct touch is not a problem. Opening many apps is also no problem and the device does not show any heating issues. However, after continuous use for more than an hour – the device will start to feel a little slow. It’s not so serious as to cause the system to crash, but the start time delay can be felt and the animation also starts to falter.

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The Experience

In other words, the experience is smooth because 90Hz disappears and continues to be as if below 60Hz. This issue only occurs after the first play; using the camera for long periods of time or a lot of time spent on social media apps. Playing for the first time on this device is not one of the greatest experiences. It is capable of handling Asphalt 9 well on medium settings and PUBG Mobile on default settings – i.e. medium only.

The first performance still feels like playing on a Snapdragon 720G device. The graphics are fine and most importantly like I said earlier there is no time lag issue. This pretty good performance is aided by the support of an additional 3GB of RAM (taken from storage), making the Vivo gadget seem to be equipped with 11GB of RAM. It’s the virtual memory -like technology built into Windows 10 that was first seen on the Vivo X60.