Vivo V21 Review Conclusion

Vivo V21 Review Conclusion – This amazing phone is among the best devices in its class if best in class does mean the most worthwhile. The Vivo V21 is more focused on camera capabilities with artificial intelligence. So, this device is expensive because of the camera and not for any other reason. That’s why if you see other competitors with the same specifications, the price offered is much cheaper.

The quality AMOLED screen, premium gadget design, smooth performance as well as the V21 user experience are satisfactory. If you want a device with a good and capable camera, the Vivo V21 is right for you with just a few conditions. The condition is that you don’t care much about mono audio, the color calibration on the camera and screen aren’t the same, the battery isn’t very durable and the price is a bit high.

What I can sum up about the V21 is that Vivo would like to offer the Vivo X60 at a more affordable price. Priced at RM1599 it does not fall into the category of expensive devices but in the market now the Oppo F3 and Samsung Galaxy A52 are offered at a lower price but with better features such as a more powerful chip, stereo sound system and waterproof capability.

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Thin design, premium look with charming colors
A pretty good AMOLED screen in its class
Smooth performance due to the additional 3GB of RAM through the software
Pretty good camera


Audio is unbalanced due to mono speakers
The battery is not very durable compared to competitors
The price is a little expensive for this device category

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