Using Mate 30 Pro

Using Mate 30 Pro

If we feel it’s harassing, regular users when using Mate 30 Pro who don’t have the technical ability will definitely have trouble doing so. Huawei says consumers in Malaysia need to migrate to HMS. The application is downloaded through AppGallery. However, applications such as Waze, Google Maps or Facebook are still not offered on this Huawei application store and local banking applications are also limited. Without the app, the Huawei gadget will die. This has been the reality for over seven years now.

What happened to this Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G is sad. Its camera capabilities are better than the Mate 20 Pro and only slightly behind the P30 Pro. In some respects, the camera is better than the iPhone 11 Pro Max and Note 10+.

At a selling price of RM4199 each, it is difficult to recommend the purchase of a device that is like a beautiful race car but not only equipped with two tires. There are many other devices on the market that have comparable specifications but do not require users to do sideloading to enjoy daily necessities applications.

Don’t buy Mate 30 Pro 5G because of its 5G, but if you want to buy – buy because of the performance and capabilities of the camera.

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Attractive device design with premium finish.
The on -screen voice control buttons are attractive because they can be used by left -handed or right -handed people without any problems.
Excellent camera capabilities. Video is now much better when compared to previous Huawei devices.
Extremely satisfactory battery life with fast charging system.
Fast 3D face recognition system. Can work in the dark.


GMS needs to be installed manually if you want to enjoy popular applications that AppGallery does not offer.
Audio quality is unsatisfactory due to imbalance.
Fingerprint scanners are still of the optical type.
The Horizon Display screen is not suitable for use in most applications.

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