Software in Xiaomi 11 Lite

Software in Xiaomi 11 Lite

Usage and software in Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE. It’s no secret we’re not the number one fan of MIUI as it has a reputation of putting a lot of fat apps and ads in the app as one of the efforts to reduce the selling price of the device. On 11 Lite 5G, MIUI 12.5.4 is used and it is based on Android 11. This is the latest MIUI build in addition to the Enhanced Edition which is only offered on flagship devices and tablets only. The interface design is very neat and almost no longer uses the slope color element that was synonymous with MIU before.

Most of the interface elements are now actually closer to native Android with some customizations that we feel are better than those used on Native Android. An example is a multi-task screen that displays more applications in one screen and vertically. On MIUI the process of selecting applications opened 7-8 past applications is easier; and faster due to the lack of need to scroll. From the same screen the user can access the virus scanning feature in the device; and clear storage as well as RAM usage. For those who subscribe to Netflix, HD resolution content can be streamed because the Xiaomi gadget is equipped with Widevine L1 DRM system.

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This additional feature does not exist on Native Android but is provided as standard. Usually when this is done the device will be slow (do you still remember with TouchWiz?) But on MIUI 12 the usage experience is almost perfect. Opened applications do not undergo a refresh process or are closed aggressively to reduce RAM usage.

In our opinion the Memory Extension mode needs to be activated all the time because MIUI 12.5.4 is quite heavy. When turned off and the device relies entirely on 6GB of RAM it feels a little less smooth. Sometimes it can feel a little blocked.

The advertising issue that makes us hate with Xiaomi MIUI is also has been completed. There are still a few but the process of deactivating them is now much clearer. MIUI at once we no longer included in the list of operating systems; that made us want to punch the wall.

It’s smooth, fast, beautiful, neat and most importantly more in line with what’s on offer on Native Android; but with useful additions. Examples are Second Space, Dual App, Game Turbo and Lite Mode.

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