Realme C12 Design Looks

Realme C12 Design Looks

Realme C12 Design Looks – The author understands, the finish used on this back panel is known as Geomatric Art Design. Through it, the pattern looks as if dividing this back panel into three parts with different looks. Then, there’s also a create-shaped physical fingerprint scanner placed in the center, in addition to the Realme branding on the bottom.

Admittedly, the author really likes this kind of finish. There are two reasons why the author says so, first a finish like this is not easily stained by fingerprints. The second reason, it also makes this device feel very comfortable to be in the grip and not too slippery to hold.

In addition, the standard button layout on this device is also placed in an ergonomic position making it easy to reach. Not only that, the construction also feels strong. The power and volume buttons are placed on the right side, while moving to the left side there is a SIM card slot that supports up to 3 card slots (nano SIM + nano SIM + microSD). For connectivity, the Realme C12 uses a MicroUSB port housed on the bottom along with a 3.5mm audio jack and mono speakers.

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Audio Jacks

Speaking of 3.5mm audio jacks, for the record all Realme does not include any earphones on the box

the packaging of this Realme gadget. But you don’t have to worry, because every purchase of this device will come once with Realme Buds Classic. Thats just a very nice offer from Realme. Big profit.

The Realme C12 comes in two color options and the review unit we received was Coral Red; the Realme C12 in a red finish. Suppose, maybe the color red is not your choice. You can also get this device in a blue colored finish or also known as Marine Blue.