Realme X2 Pro Camera

Realme X2 Pro Camera

Yes, the Realme X2 Pro camera is also one of the devices that uses a lens from Samsung – 64MP. It is combined with a 13MP telephoto lens, 8MP ultra wide angle (5x hybrid optical zoom & 20x hybrid zoom) and 2MP bokeh lens. After using this device for quite some time, I found that the camera is quite great and is able to give amazing results. Only, if there is enough light.

I myself was surprised by the camera results of this device while on holiday in Penang. I spent time there with the Realme X2 Pro as a daily device for taking pictures. The sample below is the difference between the four lenses. The results are very satisfying. The first image is the main lens, the second is the triple zoom, then the image is zoomed five times and the last is the ultra wide angle. The first three lenses are very good, the color is almost even and vivid. Bright, precise details, very beautiful and satisfying. The value of the dynamic range is also quite high. The final picture, i.e. the ultra wide angle lens is not very interesting. The color fades, but it looks more natural and as if what the human eye sees.

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The next picture is also a test of the difference between the four lenses. The distance is around 100 meters and it displays amazing results. Moreover, when zoomed five times, the color remains, the individual details in the picture are also almost accurate and the noise effect is softened well. Ultra wide angle results, again has a faded color. However, the distortion effect is not severe and it has a good view. The next Realme gadget sample is to take a regular picture and zoom five times. Again, the results are amazing.

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Realme X2 Pro Screen

Realme X2 Pro Screen

The Realme X2 Pro screen of this device is as expected. Super AMOLED, HDR10+, and 100ЬI-P3 color settings. The screen is very beautiful, bright and satisfying. Watching video content like from Netflix, YouTube or Disney+ is no problem at all. It has a vivid, sharp color, quite vivid. Of course, the black color is pretty dark like any other AMOLED device. However, the black color darkness on this device is not as great as other flagship devices like the Pixel 4, OnePlus 7T Pro or Samsung Galaxy S10. This may be due to the screen color configuration.

Yes, it supports HDR10+, but the dynamic range value on the screen of this device is not very good. Or in other words, his HR is not very satisfactory. It looks a bit faded, depending on the content types. However, watching HDR content is supported on either YouTube or Netflix. The viewing experience on this screen is also satisfying. Since it is familiar with devices with notches, the notches on this Samsung gadget do not bother at all.

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The brightness of the screen when used in sunlight is quite good. It is clearly visible, and it also comes with consumer eye protection by TÜV Rheinland’s. As for the 90Hz refresh rate, it’s like what we can feel on a device like the Pixel 4 or OnePlus 7T. However, as I said earlier – the ColorOS 6.1 operating system does not seem to be good enough for a screen like this. So a closer comparison is the Oppo Reno Ace Gundam, which has more or less the same specs.

For speakers, it’s a stereo type. The speakers are optimized by Dolby Atmos and are also certified with Hi-Res. But to me, that’s only on paper. The speaker level of the device is loud and loud. However, the bass rumble is not deep enough and when watching videos of explosions, wars or shootings is not quite satisfying.

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Realme GT Master Good Elements

Realme GT Master Good Elements

With a combination of several Realme GT Master good elements such as a unique timer comfortable in hand, good screen, satisfactory 120Hz support, stable internal software and capable performance. It is no exaggeration to say that this smartphone is quite attractive to own. The camera capabilities are also good where there are various filters and interesting functions that can be tried. But, it is actually not the main focus on this smartphone.

The disadvantage lies in the relatively small 4,300mAh battery capacity. Guess, it is better if the Realme uses at least a battery with a capacity of 5000mAh. However, Realme is clever in covering the ‘hole’ of the deficiency by including other supports such as fast charging along with it.

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Then, another shortcoming is the lack of waterproof rating feature – it is one of the important features at this time in addition to the weather in Malaysia is often unpredictable. The rainy season that sometimes we ourselves cannot anticipate. Next, mono speakers are also another of the most notable shortcomings to it. Meanwhile, there are already many nearby competitors who are able to provide stereo speakers on their smartphones.

So what do you think about this Realme gadget? Does it have a wow factor that is able to grab your attention? Share it with us in the comments section provided. For those who are interested, the Realme GT Master Edition is sold in Malaysia at a starting price of RM1,499 for the 8GB/128GB variant. If you want more storage, Realme GT Master Edition (8GB/256GB) is offered at RM1,699. There are two color options available such as Voyager Gray and Daybreak Blue.

Footnote: You can still get the Realme GT Master Edition for a lower price of RM1,399 on the first sale which takes place on 9 September 2021. Please note, the time promotion is limited to the first sale only.

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Realme GT Master Smartphone

Realme GT Master Smartphone

Personally, the overall use of the Realme GT Master smartphone has not posed any problems as far as this review article is written. It feels good and is able to operate smoothly for all daily tasks. Where the process of opening and changing applications as well as animation transitions feels just fine. Thus, it makes daily tasks able to remain efficient without many problems or major issues.

In addition, there is also a special mode called as GT Mode which is suitable to be used for a better gaming experience. Where, it uses maximum CPU and GPU performance for the experience

which is pretty good. Apart from that, it also has a vibrating haptic response system which is also good in our view.

Next move to the Realme mobile game settings (first), the original graphics setting for the PUBG Mobile game is in HD with a High frame rate. It can also still reach Extreme frame rates when played on Smooth graphics. Furthermore, it is also possible to achieve Ultra frame rates for the highest HDR graphics settings.

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PUBG Game Default Settings

For COD Mobile, the default setting is Very High with High graphics. This frame rate can also reach Max but the highest graphics setting is as high as High. Then, when it is played with Very High graphics, the highest frame rate is also at the Very High setting only.

COD Game Default Settings

The next game which is Mobile Legend Bang Bang (MLBB) can be played reaching High graphics. Finally, the Genshin Impact game is originally set to low with a 30 fps mode. Just playing for fun is not a problem. But, of course there is no hope for more than that.

Other than that, we also don’t face extreme issues for outdoor use. The brightness level on this smartphone is quite good to ensure the content on the screen is comfortable to view. Then, the screen is also complete with a high refresh rate of 120Hz. The scrolling experience was pretty smooth and fun in our view. But, of course the 120Hz screen will use a lot of battery gadget.

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Realme GT Master Edition

Realme GT Master Edition

Realme has come up with several new offerings under the Realme GT Master Edition collection and one of them is the Realme GT Master Edition. As many know, smartphones under this series often feature attractive finishes inspired from everyday items in our lives. Not only that, it also received a touch of contemporary style from the famous Japanese designer, Nauto Fukusawa.

For this time, Realme and Fukusawa are seen taking inspiration from their suitcases. He said, it is specially created to cure your longing to travel. Furthermore, the tourism sector is now unable to operate rapidly in the wake of the pandemic that has had a profound effect on it. With such a concept, it is at least able to cure longing while waiting for the situation to return to normal.

Well, no need for a lengthy preface. Going back to the original purpose of this article for which we will share the full review for the Realme GT Master Edition. What is the point of interest in it? What are the significant shortcomings that you need to know? Is it an attractive smartphone, or is it just an external factor that looks beautiful? Keep reading to find out more. This phone just feels like a very premium phone that you can only get for super expensive price.

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For starters, let’s talk about its design aspects first. The Realme GT Master Edition we received is Voyager Gray. What’s unique, it uses a gray Vegan leather finish on the back panel. This means, it is able to provide good comfort despite being held for a long time. Not only that, the grip on it also feels really good. Most importantly, such a finish is actually able to reduce the effects of dirt on this Realme gadget itself

Realme 6 Review Conclusion

Realme 6 Review Conclusion

Realme 6 review conclusion is that the company seems to be moving forward with bold steps in providing the best experience for loyal users. Every new thing brought by Realme for this model is seen to have its own uniqueness – including in terms of internal as well as external. Realme 6 is to some extent going to challenge its strong competitors, especially in the affordable device segment in the market. So, it is not an exaggeration to say that this device will be the choice of many and among the best Android this year.


The front camera, on the other hand, the resulting picture looks satisfactory. However, the production of images on the face looks a little soft even though the beauty function is turned off. For video, Realme 6 is capable of recording video at 4K resolution. As an added bonus; the Realme 6 camera also supports video stabilization features from realme itself known as UIS; and UIS Max Super Video Stabilization – functions which produce the best footage even while on the move. Here are some image results

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Speaking of speakers, the Realme 6 is simply equipped with a mono audio system. For the record, these speakers do not come with Dolby Atmos support for better audio listening quality.

After going through a brief test; the authors found that the audio quality is still commendable as it provides good and clear audio volume. However, when the gadget review writer maximizes the sound level, the resulting audio is a bit less pleasant to listen to. The good news here is the device is still equip with a 3.5mm audio jack for wired audio accessories.

Battery Durability

The Realme 6 comes with a 4,300mAh capacity battery. More interestingly, 30W fast charging is also available directly in the packaging box. In real world use, the battery life on the Realme 6 varies depending on the refresh rate setting.

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Realme 6 use Android 10

Realme 6 use Android 10

Realme 6 use Android 10 based Realme UI interface that comes straight out of the box. It is the second model after the Realme C3 to be embedded with this new interface. In contrast to ColorOS, the realme UI interface offers improvements along with a variety of user -friendly features. Realme UI also brings more visual effects including new system colors, icons, background images and animations. The Realme gadget also comes with some fat apps installed, but most of them can be uninstalled. Not to be outdone, it also supports some interesting functions such as:

Dark Mode – Built -in dark theme mode support with a highly balanced black finish. This mode is also available for third -party applications

Focus Mode – Just like Zen Mode on the OnePlus, it limits the use of apps on the device. Help users focus (meditate) fully on the task without interruption.

Dual earphones – Support for connection of two earphones – you can listen to music through two devices simultaneously.

Three-finger Screenshot Gesture-Use 3 fingers to take a screenshot. You can press, hold and swipe down with three fingers to capture a selected part of the screen.

Personal Information Protection – Additional protection for personal information – including usage history, contacts, messages and more.

Customizable Icon – The freedom to change the style of the icon according to the comfort of use

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For information, the author is a user of the Realme 3 Pro model that operated with the ColorOS 6 interface before. But soon, realme has distributed the Android 10 -based realme UI update for Realme 3 Pro. Many significant changes have taken place in this latest update especially on the layout and visual styles.

Throughout use, the authors found it felt stable and no weight problems were find. Honestly, the authors think Realme UI looks better than ColorOS 6. Animations look more sophisticated with more responsive capabilities than ever before. The notification panel also looks more attractive with a better background color, if you want to compare with the previous gray color.

Unlike its predecessor, this latest update also the process of replying to ‘chats’ is done directly through the notification panel. Interestingly, the icon build looks a little small and attractive which can be modify as appropriate through the settings. The camera app on the Realme UI is also easier to access – with the availability of more interesting settings.

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Realme C12 Design Looks

Realme C12 Design Looks

Realme C12 Design Looks – The author understands, the finish used on this back panel is known as Geomatric Art Design. Through it, the pattern looks as if dividing this back panel into three parts with different looks. Then, there’s also a create-shaped physical fingerprint scanner placed in the center, in addition to the Realme branding on the bottom.

Admittedly, the author really likes this kind of finish. There are two reasons why the author says so, first a finish like this is not easily stained by fingerprints. The second reason, it also makes this device feel very comfortable to be in the grip and not too slippery to hold.

In addition, the standard button layout on this device is also placed in an ergonomic position making it easy to reach. Not only that, the construction also feels strong. The power and volume buttons are placed on the right side, while moving to the left side there is a SIM card slot that supports up to 3 card slots (nano SIM + nano SIM + microSD). For connectivity, the Realme C12 uses a MicroUSB port housed on the bottom along with a 3.5mm audio jack and mono speakers.

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Audio Jacks

Speaking of 3.5mm audio jacks, for the record all Realme does not include any earphones on the box

the packaging of this Realme gadget. But you don’t have to worry, because every purchase of this device will come once with Realme Buds Classic. Thats just a very nice offer from Realme. Big profit.

The Realme C12 comes in two color options and the review unit we received was Coral Red; the Realme C12 in a red finish. Suppose, maybe the color red is not your choice. You can also get this device in a blue colored finish or also known as Marine Blue.

Realme 7 Camera Capabilities

Realme 7 Camera Capabilities

Realme 7 Camera Capabilities – Here too there is another upgrade on the Realme 7. As you know, the Realme 7 still uses a 64-Megapixel main lens, the same as that offered on the Realme 6 before. But what differentiates the two is that the Realme gadget uses a sensor from Sony on the main lens of the Realme 7, the Sony IMX682. That’s all the changes made and the other three lenses namely 8-Megapixel (Ultra-Wide) + 2-Megapixel (Depth) + 2-Megapixel (Macro) are still the same.

As usual, this camera also comes with a number of other interesting functions; such as Nightscape, Portrait, Ultra Macro and more. More interestingly, the Starry Mode function is also available on it – which was previously only found on the Realme X3 SuperZoom. To use this Starry Mode function, the authors recommend you to use a tripod to get a good and stable image. The reason is, the capture process here takes about 4 minutes.

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Touching on the question of performance, it is seen to be able to provide satisfactory picture results. The main camera is seen to work well; where, it is seen to be able to produce good image quality in bright situations. The color production also stands out, besides the details on the subject also look sharp. If so, you’re the type who prefers picture results with more prominent colors. You can activate the Chroma Boost function located at the top of the camera interface. However, to get a picture that looks natural. The authors do not recommend you to use this function; because the colors produced are so prominent and sometimes not the same as the real world.

Next, the production of night photos also looks fine. Arguably there is an improvement over before, but still vulnerable to the effects of noise. Then, its ultra-wide lens here is very useful for you to capture landscape photos. Just like other Realme devices, it also allows you to capture images with a viewing angle of up to 119 degrees. As for the result, it depends on the lighting but; in the opinion of the author, the result is less than satisfactory. Not much can be commented for a macro lens, the result of the picture seen is not very clear.

Realme 7 Display Quality

Realme 7 Display Quality

Realme 7 Display Quality – As a preamble, the author will begin this review by talking about the display on the device. Do you see anything on the display? Well, the same concept on the previous Realme 6 continues to be carried over to the Realme 7. The front display with a perforated screen design for the self-portrait camera. The display here is a 6.5-inch FHD+ size with the use of IPS LCD type panel. The focal point of the Realme 7 lies in the high refresh rate screen support that reaches 90Hz. But, this ability was actually also offered on Realme 6 before.

However, Realme 7 is still considered quite interesting. The reason is, this 90Hz screen support is what sets it apart from the Realme 7 Pro. Where, Realme 7 Pro only supports a screen with a refresh rate of 60Hz and the screen size is also smaller at 6.4-inches. But you have to know, the strength of the Realme 7 Pro is in the type of panel it uses which is Super AMOLED. So here we can see each has its respective advantages and disadvantages.

Going back to our original topic of Realme 7. Speaking of display quality, the screen is seen to be able to display bright color contrasts. All text -based displays are easy to read, in addition to the viewing angles displayed are also wide. Arguably, what Realme 7 has to offer feels balanced enough for the daily use of the majority of gadget users today. Then, the maximum brightness level on the screen also looks good, which is quite adequate for use in bright environments. The simplest example is when you are outdoors, or maybe d i under the scorching sun.

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Speaking of design, this is one of the parts that caught the writer’s attention. In the writer’s opinion, what Realme presents on the model this time is quite different from before. For everyone’s information, the review unit received is Mist White which is Realme 7 in a milky white finish. But, suppose you prefer a darker color finish. Realme 7 in Blue color may be more suitable for you to make as a choice in the heart.

Realme C25s Review Conclusion

Realme C25s Review Conclusion

Realme C25s Review Conclusion – If Realme C25s are food it might be Super Ring. Cheap, tasty, sweet, and very suitable to eat while watching movies on TV. It’s not as filling as a Wagyu steak (iPhone 12 Pro Max) or a Michelin Star award -winning (Samsung Galaxy Note20 Pro). But we all know the Super Ring does target the marhaen and for that reason it meets all the needs of the marhaen.

Powerful enough for a middle -class first -person app, a nice camera to upload to social media, a satisfying screen for watching videos and a large battery that can last from early morning to midnight. It won’t win any of the greatest gadget awards. Within three months many will probably forget it existed as it was replaced with another Realme device with the same specifications.

At RM699, I feel this is a device that is compatible with children’s first use. The screen and battery are large enough to be used during PdPR sessions throughout the day. For those who are more mature and want something more satisfying, there are other options at a slightly higher price.


Only mono speakers are placed at the bottom. It’s loud but the audio becomes chaotic at the highest settings. Because of the mono system, the first FPS game experience becomes less interesting because it is difficult to hear the direction from which the enemy is coming to attack. Therefore the use of wired earphones is recommended because there is still a 3.5mm audio jack. The audio experience is just average.

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The 6000 mAh battery offers a very long usage time. On average we managed to get an SOT of around 10 hours in moderate use with the best time the gadget battery lasted over 26 hours. After the battery runs out, the recharging time is almost two hours because the charger used is only 18W powered. We should remind all tests to be done while at home only; because PKP makes the test more realistic moving outside as well as relying entirely on LTE is impossible. This is a situation we cannot avoid at the moment.

Realme C25s Design Review

Realme C25s Design Review

Realme C25s Design Review – The power and audio adjustable buttons on the right side of the device are also very sturdy. Not loose or swaying when pressed repeatedly. In terms of build quality, the C25s is more like a modern midrange gadget device. There are no negative things we can write about the build so far.

A 3.5mm audio jack, speakers and a USB-C charging port are placed on the bottom. The use of USB-C is very welcome as micro USB is no longer eligible for use since the end of 2019. With this port the process of recycling old USB-C chargers or borrowing from friends is also easier as micro USB cables are now almost extinct like the Lake Chini biosphere.

Moving to the left side, there is a tray for two SIMs and one micro SD card. The three slots are separate allowing two cellular networks and storage additions to be enjoyed simultaneously. Realme is not shy to provide features that have been increasingly forgotten since the introduction of eSIM.

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The 6.5 ″ IPS LCD screen is quite large still only supports HD+resolution. So it only has a pixel density of 270 PPI which is about half that on an FHD device. The screen is flat with a small notch at the top. This notch if annoying can be hidden through software that adds a black virtual forehead. With a flat screen there is no issue of video being watched overflowing to the side. One modern trend that we also dislike is the use of curved screens. Good thing Realme wasn’t impressed to offer it on the C25s.

Even so, we have to be sincere in commenting. The combination of a large IPS LCD screen with low resolution makes the display less sharp. We can see it’s a bit blurry; when compared to the S21 Ultra screen we use as a daily use device. Just as there are all can no longer accept VCD quality video on TV, we can no longer accept less sharp screens now because we are already pampered with QHD+screens.

Not to end here, the screen is also only 60Hz time with a less bright color display. OLED panels are the gold standard of the current market and IPS LCD technology is starting to show its age to be quite advanced. If you just surf the web and the visual social media applications that are displayed are still acceptable but when watching the visual video is less prominent.

Realme X7 Pro Review Conclusion

Realme X7 Pro Review Conclusion

Realme X7 Pro Review Conclusion – It is quite interesting to see that there are device manufacturers wanting to offer MediaTek Dimensity chip -powered devices to the local market. Moreover the 1000+ model which competes with the Snapdragon 865. MediaTek-generated devices are often cheap and worthwhile, so local users have more options to own a more powerful device. Is this Realme X7 Pro powerful enough and worth it?

In terms of offering a 120Hz screen that really works and feels fast and smooth, this is among the good devices. Consumers now have a budget option under RM2000 can have a device with a good screen. Then the 64MP quad-camera setting is pretty and well suited for those who want to come up with their own creative ideas. MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ despite the problems, it is still able to operate PUBG Mobile with relatively high settings.

This device tries to offer the greatness of the flagship gadget at a more affordable price. It adds common user options. Many choose Snapdragon because of its faster updates and GCam support. But what MediaTek has generated is for the average user, like those who just want to try to experience Android devices approaching Snapdragon’s flagship device.

It’s an exciting attempt to see MediaTek’s change in venturing into the landmark device arena. It will also open people’s minds to prove that the MediaTek chip is no longer what it used to be, but already better and pretty awesome. Yes, the battery is a bit weak – but look at the positive side that this device has to offer. The device can also be charged at a faster rate.

The selling price of the Realme X7 Pro is RM1,999. It’s a good price for a device like this, but my Mi 10T or Poco F2 Pro thrifty pad is a better option and the price is also cheaper.


Very satisfying 120Hz screen, smooth and fast enough.
Pretty good camera capabilities.
Supports 65W fast charging which can charge the device from 0% -100% in a short time.

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Not very nice stereo speakers.
Still not able to record video at a beautiful and good quality.
Memory management is quite bad and there are a few performance issues.
Slightly more expensive selling price, compared to competitors who have better usage experience.

Realme X7 Pro Brief Review

Realme X7 Pro Brief Review

Realme X7 Pro Brief Review – MediaTek is an unpopular brand of processing chips. This is because the support is limited, not very efficient and there are many problems. But, MediaTek has started to change since they introduced the P series processing chips. That too is still unsatisfactory, but the heart can start to accept MediaTek’s offer. Then, there is a chip in the Dimensity series that competes more fiercely with the Snapdragon 7xx and 8xx chips.

All that remains is optimization from the device manufacturer to capitalize on the greatness of this MediaTek Dimensity chip. Recently, Realme started offering devices powered with this chip. Among them are the Realme 7 5G and the latest Realme X7 Pro. We have already tested both of these devices, the Realme 7 5G which competes with the Snapdragon 765G device and the Realme X7 Pro which competes with the Snapdragon 865 device. The question is, is it true that this chip is powerful? I make the Realme 7 5G as my daily device, this is the gadget review article.


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At a glance, the specifications of this device are similar to the Oppo Reno5. But the Oppo Reno5 is powered by a Snapdragon 765G processing chip. The Realme X7 Pro is powered by a MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ chip which is claimed to be a competitor to the Snapdragon 865. It is also matched with 8GB of RAM memory and 256GB of UFS 2.1 internal storage and uses a Mali-G77 MC9 GPU. The chip uses a 7nm build, which is one of the most efficient builds, saves power consumption and is more powerful when compared to the 10nm or ten nm builds.

On paper, it is true this chip is very powerful. But what about in the real world? We tested this chip, it is still under Snapdragon 865. But this is probably just a Realme UI optimization. No other device in Malaysia is powered by this chip, so it is difficult to judge Realme wrong or MediaTek wrong that this chip is still not able to compete with other Snapdragon 865 devices.

For the screen, the device uses a 6.55-inch Super AMOLED with 120Hz refresh rate support and FHD+resolution. The camera is a quad-camera setting of 64MP (Main) f/1.8, 8MP (Ultra Wide Angle) f/2.3, Viewing Angle 119 °, 2MP (Macro) f/2.4 and 2MP (Depth) f/2.4. The selfie camera is 32MP f/2.5. Camera specifications are more or less the same with the Oppo Reno5.