Oppo Reno6 Pro

Oppo Reno6 Pro

Playing for the first time on this Oppo Reno6 Pro gives a great crazy experience. 12GB of RAM along with an additional 7GB taken from internal storage is coupled with a Snapdragon 870 processing chip from Qualcomm that has been proven many times in tests at Amanz labs-quite powerful! Imagine if 8GB of RAM with this chip is already satisfactory, let alone approaching 20GB? Apex Legend and Asphalt 9 along with repeatedly testing the gadget benchmark score doesn’t heat up and upon completion goes back to the home screen or switches to social media apps still operating well and amazingly.

Color OS 11 is among the best. With Oppo’s exciting combination of features and functions along with native Android, it is among my favorite operating systems. The user experience approaching the native Android offered is also still adequate and in my opinion a good try.

On this Reno6 Pro it runs a newer version, namely Color OS 11.3. Besides being able to add another 7GB of RAM, this time it is more cheerful and interesting giving a quieter experience. Attractive picture options, easier screenshots and reduced load functions as well as AOD mode borrowed from Oxygen OS 11.

What makes me love this device is its improved vibration engine. Oppo uses an X-axis linear motor with an excellent haptic system. Very comfortable and realistic. Type on Gboard, scroll on the launcher, and getting notification is very satisfactory. It’s approaching the iPhone, unfortunately its integration isn’t so thorough. Anyway, I can type articles on this device comfortably without feeling bored or tired fingers.

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Performance And Benchmark Scores

To prove that this 7GB of virtual RAM is not a gimmick, I tested it several times with the first test of 12GB of RAM only on AnTuTu and Geekbench. Then a second test with the addition of virtual RAM. Since my first session on Apex Legend and Asphalt 9 with high settings was no problem, the score this earned on me was a true score.

In AnTuTu with 12GB RAM the score is 631,974, while with 19GB RAM the score is 666,803. Geekbench 5 with 12GB received a score of 938/2980 for single-core and multi-core, while 19GB of RAM received 1010/3100. For AnTuTu only around 5% -6% increase, with Geekbench showing 17% -18% increase for single core and only around 4% increase for multi-core.

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