Oppo Reno6 Pro Photography

Oppo Reno6 Pro Photography

Before I continue further in the video, I will connect the Oppo Reno6 Pro photography part with night mode. Since the Oppo Reno5 Pro night mode on Oppo devices in the more premium Reno series this has had better results. It not only brightens the picture by adding filters, but really identifies the situation and atmosphere to give a more captivating result. This is a sample using night mode via artificial intelligence.

Finally, 50MP mode or extra HD mode is seen trying to give the best results with the best details. 50MP looks quite helpful, but the extra HD mode seems like a gimmick as there is almost no difference.

For video recording results, it is a little difficult to get interesting results due to limited movement. But the result of this Oppo Reno6 Pro video is seen there is still a lot of opportunity to get better. It’s not as great as on the Find X3 Pro, but for the Reno series it’s a step up in fierce competition with the Vivo. Oppo just needs a partnership with a camera company to come up with a better color profile. Vivo have prove it’s a good strategy.

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Oppo uses Ultra-Linear type stereo speakers and with a thin bezel screen design along with a curved screen, the audio thrown spreads around the device to provide an immersive experience. Then the speakers of this device are optimize by Dolby Atmos. Listening to music on Tidal HiFi and Spotify high settings is very enjoyable and satisfying. It has good bass beats, mids and highs that are comparable to a pinnacle device; as well as having a fairly loud, consistent and immersive sound level.

Unfortunately the Apple Music app on this device is unable to activate the Dolby Atmos feature; as it can on the Poco X3 GT device.

However, surround effects via the built -in artificial intelligence mode of Color OS can be activated if using audio accessories. Oppo gadget is trying to provide a Dolby Atmos experience on any Bluetooth audio accessory through their Color OS. It’s like Huawei Histen trying to mimic various listening experiences.

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