Premium Devices Design

Premium Devices Design

Premium devices design definitely come with premium building materials which indirectly provide very premium design results. The Oppo Reno uses a glass panel on the back with a matte finish. This Ocean Green color is unique and different from the others and not the already cliché slope color. In the middle there is the Oppo logo and on it there is a small bead that acts as a protector to the camera lens. The camera is flat at the back and covered by the entire back panel glass made from Gorilla Glass 5.

On the front, the screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 6. The chin and dah are thin and the overall design is sexy. The gadget frame on the sides also looks almost gone because it is so thin. Above there is a shark fin pop-up camera which at the back there is also a hidden LED flash. At the bottom are mono speakers, USB-C and even a 3.5mm audio jack port. Thankfully and thanks to Oppo, the Oppo Reno retains a 3.5mm audio jack port that is sure to make the hearts of many users happy.

On the right side there is a volume button along with the sim card slot and on the left side is a power button with a brighter color. The score for the design is 8/10.

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The price of the Oppo Reno is RM1,999. The price is a bit expensive and unreasonable. Honestly I would say there are many more better devices at such a price with greater specs. This expensive price is the same as the Vivo V15 Pro which is sold at RM1,899 for the 8GB RAM variant.

If you are indeed a fan of Oppo and the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom is overpriced, the Oppo Reno is the best choice. The price score is 4/10.

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Oppo Reno Camera

Oppo Reno Camera

Not the greatest but good enough for me to use it as my first Hari Raya Oppo Reno camera. Good color, beautiful, sharp and enough details. Oppo is trying their best to give the camera as a flagship device on this premium mid -range device.

Check out the camera sample below, isn’t it beautiful? Satisfying enough and good enough to share on social media. For night mode, the result looks good and beautiful. Yes that’s right, it’s beautiful. But if you zoom in on the picture you will see a lot of noise. A little disappointed there. But just for social media and sharing with loved ones it is already ‘ok’.

For the video, I’m sure many people already know if shared on social media, especially Stories-regardless of Facebook/WhatsApp/Instagram, the result will be like 3GP or CCTV footage. For normal recording, the results are mediocre. To this day I have never again found an Oppo gadget that has the best video recording results.

Overall, the camera score I gave was 7/10.

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Although the battery of this device is 3675mAh, extreme use can still reach SOT around 5 Hours (manual count). Meanwhile, ordinary consumers like social media and watching videos offline is around 6-7 Hours SOT manual count. The standby time is about 2-3 days if you rarely use it. It’s a bit of a surprise that the battery is durable enough, because I guess when it’s close to the pinnacle device – the battery performance is poor. But it’s the other way around.

Plus with VOOC 3.0 fast charging support, the user experience of this device is only improved and positive. VOOC 3.0 is based on 20W power similar to Dash Charging, so the charging time is around 1 Hour 15 Minutes to 1 Hour 30 Minutes. Slightly disappointing that this device does not support any USB-PD charging and is limited to its own fast charging only.

The battery score for this device is 9/10.

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Oppo Reno6 5G Conclusion

Oppo Reno6 5G Conclusion

In Oppo Reno6 5G conclusion here, the Oppo Reno6 Pro not only has the latest attractions for the photography enthusiast only. On the other hand, it is also loaded with various other advantages. Premium construction with attractive finish is able to show a unique side to it. Coupled with the balance in performance makes it in a class of its own.

But unfortunately, the lack of a relatively small battery creates a sense of error. Still, Oppo acted wisely by including fast charging support on it. And again notable drawback is the absence of 3.5mm audio jacks and mono speakers definitely have an impact on some users who expect it.

So how? Will you have one? Undoubtedly the user experience is fine overall. Once again we say, the Oppo Reno6 is indeed in a class of its own. Even so, you actually still need to know what exactly is wanted.


Comfortable gadget design in the hand.
AMOLED screen with 90Hz support that feels good.
Good -in -class processor & built -in 5G support.
Good camera capabilities with various specific modes.
Fast 65W wired charging.

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The battery is a bit small.
Mono speakers.
Absence of 3.5mm audio jack.

Night Mode Enabled

But, there are still some problems that you will face. Among them, you will notice support for an unstable focus system where it is quite difficult to focus on an object or subject. Next, it also took quite a long time i.e. around a few seconds for the capture to be made.

Speaking of wide-angle photo results, it is also not disappointing because it is still able to provide images with good details and details. Not only that, the color production is also good. Finally, the macro mode looks mediocre. Just like his selfie shots we felt were at a moderate level.

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Oppo Reno6 Main Display

Oppo Reno6 Main Display

Moving to the Oppo Reno6 main display, the Oppo Reno6 uses a 6.4-inch AMOLED screen with FHD+ resolution and supports a 90Hz refresh rate. Nearby, too, you’ll find a hole in the screen for front camera placement. Then, the bezels on the left, right and top screens also look even. Except, the bezel on the chin part which is still quite thick fixed this is common for most phones in the same class.

Undoubtedly, a 90Hz panel is a major consideration by most consumers today when it comes to buying a new phone. Just as usual, the 90Hz panel will definitely use a lot of battery. Still, don’t worry because you can just change it to a 60Hz screen which is definitely better for longer battery life. For us personally, the 60Hz screen is also actually enough for normal daily use. If only for the use of social media scrolling or maybe replying to messages on the WhatsApp application. In general, it does not indicate any problems at all.

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However, if you notice there is still a clear shortcoming where it has only two settings, namely the standard for the 60Hz screen. Next, High is for the 90Hz screen. But there are absolutely no settings for auto -changing refresh rate support like most devices on the market. However, it is actually not a big issue to discuss as everything is still fine and the Oppo usage experience is also smooth. Only if there is such an option, I will definitely appreciate it more.

In terms of gadget quality, we also did not face any problems with the screen. What can we say the screen has a satisfactory level of brightness even when using it outdoors. Then, the color production also looks quite good, bright and the viewing angle is also satisfactory. One more thing, video problems spill over into the sides also do not occur due to its boxy design.

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Oppo Reno6 5G

Oppo Reno6 5G

Oppo has just launched several new smartphones under their Reno series for consumers in Malaysia and one of them is the Oppo Reno6 5G. It is a continuation for the Oppo Reno5 model that was introduced around early last year. Through it, we can see where the exterior design is indeed quite attractive with a modern concept that not only looks charming.

But, it also offers a premium style. Not only that, this Oppo gadget also comes with attractive color options such as Aurora and Stellar Black. In addition, the construction of the device is good enough to provide optimum comfort to all users. So, what else is there on this smartphone? On this occasion, come with me for us to explore more deeply about it.

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We start the review article with design. As is well known, the smartphone range under the Reno series typically has a light mass and a fairly elegant finish. Just like the Oppo Reno6 itself where the quality of the finish is the main aspect that is a strength to it. It’s just that the way he performed this time was a little different. The reason is, the Oppo Reno6 uses a boxy build with a flat screen and body.

Honestly no negative comments from us about it. This is due to the build on it which is compact enough to be able to present a comfortable user experience while in the grip. In fact, the use of flat sides is also actually a little helpful in further increasing the surface area of the device. At the same time, it also makes the device look pretty neat. The design is perfect for the average user, and i think it can be accepted by regular user.

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Oppo Reno6 Pro Battery

Oppo Reno6 Pro Battery

Although the Oppo Reno6 Pro battery is 4500mAh and the Reno5 Pro is 4350, which is 150mAh larger there is no difference whatsoever in terms of durability. Light use is not a problem reaching 7-9 hours of SOT with a durability of around 5-6 hours of extreme use. The charging power is also still the same at 65W with SuperVOOC 2.0 technology.

Oppo promises 31 minutes of full charging and 5 minutes of charging can guarantee videos can be played up to 4 hours. There is no difference at all with the past, maybe we should look forward to other innovations like MagVOOC as if MagDart is coming to see the difference and more interesting things.

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In terms of design it does seem to be no different, but this change in internal specifications plays a huge role. It changes the user experience drastically. The screen may also be no different such as design, device size, curved design, 90Hz support and many more. But Color OS 11.3 provides a boost for a slightly better user experience.

Performance is also over 2x faster than the Oppo Reno5 Pro. The addition of virtual RAM even a small percentage in change, which is important real -time use is good and not problematic. The audio on this device is also really immersive and the camera quality is slightly better. Hopefully this AI issue can be fixed in Color OS 12 or an upcoming update. The perandi vibration motor that is on the next level is also enough to make me almost fall in love with this Oppo gadget.

The selling price of RM2,999 in my opinion is quite expensive. A good effort in trying to give the experience of approaching a landmark device over RM3 thousand. For performance and no hot issues when photography and the first might be worth it because of the 19GB of RAM and SD870 that helps. But for balanced use I feel the Mi 11 is still among the best despite only 8GB of RAM.

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Oppo Reno6 Pro Photography

Oppo Reno6 Pro Photography

Before I continue further in the video, I will connect the Oppo Reno6 Pro photography part with night mode. Since the Oppo Reno5 Pro night mode on Oppo devices in the more premium Reno series this has had better results. It not only brightens the picture by adding filters, but really identifies the situation and atmosphere to give a more captivating result. This is a sample using night mode via artificial intelligence.

Finally, 50MP mode or extra HD mode is seen trying to give the best results with the best details. 50MP looks quite helpful, but the extra HD mode seems like a gimmick as there is almost no difference.

For video recording results, it is a little difficult to get interesting results due to limited movement. But the result of this Oppo Reno6 Pro video is seen there is still a lot of opportunity to get better. It’s not as great as on the Find X3 Pro, but for the Reno series it’s a step up in fierce competition with the Vivo. Oppo just needs a partnership with a camera company to come up with a better color profile. Vivo have prove it’s a good strategy.

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Oppo uses Ultra-Linear type stereo speakers and with a thin bezel screen design along with a curved screen, the audio thrown spreads around the device to provide an immersive experience. Then the speakers of this device are optimize by Dolby Atmos. Listening to music on Tidal HiFi and Spotify high settings is very enjoyable and satisfying. It has good bass beats, mids and highs that are comparable to a pinnacle device; as well as having a fairly loud, consistent and immersive sound level.

Unfortunately the Apple Music app on this device is unable to activate the Dolby Atmos feature; as it can on the Poco X3 GT device.

However, surround effects via the built -in artificial intelligence mode of Color OS can be activated if using audio accessories. Oppo gadget is trying to provide a Dolby Atmos experience on any Bluetooth audio accessory through their Color OS. It’s like Huawei Histen trying to mimic various listening experiences.

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Oppo Reno6 Pro

Oppo Reno6 Pro

Playing for the first time on this Oppo Reno6 Pro gives a great crazy experience. 12GB of RAM along with an additional 7GB taken from internal storage is coupled with a Snapdragon 870 processing chip from Qualcomm that has been proven many times in tests at Amanz labs-quite powerful! Imagine if 8GB of RAM with this chip is already satisfactory, let alone approaching 20GB? Apex Legend and Asphalt 9 along with repeatedly testing the gadget benchmark score doesn’t heat up and upon completion goes back to the home screen or switches to social media apps still operating well and amazingly.

Color OS 11 is among the best. With Oppo’s exciting combination of features and functions along with native Android, it is among my favorite operating systems. The user experience approaching the native Android offered is also still adequate and in my opinion a good try.

On this Reno6 Pro it runs a newer version, namely Color OS 11.3. Besides being able to add another 7GB of RAM, this time it is more cheerful and interesting giving a quieter experience. Attractive picture options, easier screenshots and reduced load functions as well as AOD mode borrowed from Oxygen OS 11.

What makes me love this device is its improved vibration engine. Oppo uses an X-axis linear motor with an excellent haptic system. Very comfortable and realistic. Type on Gboard, scroll on the launcher, and getting notification is very satisfactory. It’s approaching the iPhone, unfortunately its integration isn’t so thorough. Anyway, I can type articles on this device comfortably without feeling bored or tired fingers.

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Performance And Benchmark Scores

To prove that this 7GB of virtual RAM is not a gimmick, I tested it several times with the first test of 12GB of RAM only on AnTuTu and Geekbench. Then a second test with the addition of virtual RAM. Since my first session on Apex Legend and Asphalt 9 with high settings was no problem, the score this earned on me was a true score.

In AnTuTu with 12GB RAM the score is 631,974, while with 19GB RAM the score is 666,803. Geekbench 5 with 12GB received a score of 938/2980 for single-core and multi-core, while 19GB of RAM received 1010/3100. For AnTuTu only around 5% -6% increase, with Geekbench showing 17% -18% increase for single core and only around 4% increase for multi-core.

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Oppo Reno6 Z Conclusion

Oppo Reno6 Z Conclusion

Oppo Reno6 Z conclusion after reviewing all of the features. The Oppo Reno6 Z, Oppo A74 5G and Realme 7 5G are the three devices we compared above. The reason they were chosen is because of the same design as well as specifications but at different prices. All three are also companies under the umbrella of BBK Electronics. Their strategy of offering similar but not identical devices on the market has long been done so it is a bit confusing.

The differences can be seen only on the screen technology, camera, battery and processor. The difference however is not so great that all three are actually almost equivalent.

Before reviewing the Oppo Reno6 Z we have reviewed the A74 5G. I have to say in terms of users experience and performance are almost no different. So why pay RM600 more for the Reno6 Z? The answer may lie in a slightly better camera and faster charging.

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Wins in the two categories above but the Reno6 Z loses in terms of battery life and price. With the difference not being that big, we found it a little hard to recommend the Reno6 Z over the A74 5G. This is because the current economic situation of consumers is more sensitive to price tags. Not many are willing to pay more simply for an AMOLED screen and faster charging.

The Oppo Reno6 Z is not a bad device. In fact it is among the most satisfying middle class gadget I have ever reviewed this year. ColorOS 11 offers a variety of interesting features such as additional virtual RAM up to 5GB and is extremely smooth. We recommend the Reno6 Z for those who really need an AMOLED screen on a device with good camera capabilities and a fast charging system only. For better value, the A745G is a more appropriate choice.

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The Oppo Reno6 Z

The Oppo Reno6 Z

The Oppo Reno6 Z was launched just now and it’s another mid -range device with 5G support launched by Oppo this year. When taking into account other devices under BBK Electronics – Vivo, Realme and OnePlus – too many devices with similar designs are offered in the same class in Malaysia

So what can be written about the Oppo Reno6 Z? Is it still worth it? Destroying their own market or are there still some interesting features on this smartphone making the purchase still worthwhile when compared to other devices like the A74 5G and OnePlus Nord N10?

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Let’s talk about the screen as this is the first difference between the Reno6 Z and the A74 5G. The screen this time has AMOLED technology but does not support high refresh rates. It simply supports 60Hz which is now considered antiquated even on a mid range gadget.

The color display is very good because it is from the OLED family. Black is darker and color is brighter. Because of this beautiful display we did not miss the lack of 90Hz support on this device. For the majority of users a good display is more important than smoothness.

It also has a built -in fingerprint scanner under the screen of the optical type. On the A74 5G a fingerprint scanner is placed on the side built into the power button. It may be a little slow but from what we can see in Malaysia, the under -screen fingerprint scanner is more preferred as it is friendly to those who are left -handed and kinan. We were just less happy with the location of the scanner being too down towards the chin. It should be a little high as on Samsung devices.

The screen is also flat with a relatively thin bezel. No ghost touch issues we experienced over the course of two weeks and the only negative thing to say is the uneven size of the bezel.

Oppo A15 Achievements

Oppo A15 Achievements

Oppo A15 Achievements – As we said at the beginning of the article, the Oppo A15 uses the MediaTek Helio P35 chip. It is an eight -core chip that uses 12nm -based technology. It also uses the same GPU as the MediaTek Helio G25 chip which is the IMG PowerVR GE8320. There are no options for RAM and internal storage variations. The reason is that only one variant is sold in Malaysia, namely 3GB RAM (LPDDR4x) and 32GB internal storage. For those of you who need additional storage, MicroSD cards up to 256GB can be used. The software used is the same as the Oppo A53, which is an Android 10 operating system with a ColorOS 7.2 interface.

Now comes the part for us to share about the experience of using this device in the real world. The Oppo A15 is seen to be able to handle a number of daily tasks on the Oppo gadget satisfactorily. For example, opening & switching apps daily. Then, making general navigation also this device is to be able to operate well.

Except, when there are many applications open at one time. Here, a significant time delay problem begins to occur. The scrolling becomes less smooth and the animation transitions start to evoke a less satisfying feel. But, it is not until there is a problem that causes interference on the device.

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For the first performance, a number of casual games can be play smoothly without any problems. But, it is not recommend for games that require high graphics settings. The reason is, a good gaming experience can only be feel at basic graphics settings. Otherwise, the playing experience will be unpleasant due to unsatisfactory performance.

It is different for picture results in low lighting. Filming at night for example. Overall, the camera’s performance is at an unsatisfactory level. It is to produce a relatively soft image. Later, filming in this situation also gives significant noise problems and the details on the image are also completely unsatisfactory.

Oppo A15 Design Quality

Oppo A15 Design Quality

Oppo A15 Design Quality – Touching on the question of design. The Oppo A15 has a balanced build. In our opinion, the build here can be said to be good enough for a device with a sale price below RM500. The curved side of the phone makes it snug in the grip. Then, matched with a glossy back panel – adding another premium style element to this device.

When it comes to the finishing chapter, the Oppo is arguably the same as the Vivo. Where, they are wise in risking the type of decoration they want to highlight on a model. Just look at the Oppo A15 itself. Although, it only uses plastic -based panels. Then, a simple finish with a comprehensive color. It doesn’t feel cheap at all, it still looks attractive.

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Design Taste

In a simple sense, just relax. There are two color options that you can choose from, namely Fancy White and Dynamic Black. It does, however, also depend on individual tastes. There may also be some readers who disagree with our tastes. Other people, other opinions.

However, the story is different when we use this device when outdoors. For example, being in bright sunlight. Well here, the user experience will start to feel affected. The content on the screen becomes quite difficult to read even though the brightness setting is used at the maximum level.

Then, another thing we noticed about this device is that the screen panel displays a rather faded & dull color – depending also on the type of content. But this does not mean that this Oppo gadget cannot be used directly. Don’t worry, it’s still quite adequate for the daily use of the majority of users. Especially for those who do not care about devices with high resolution.

Oppo Reno5 Review Conclusion

Oppo Reno5 Review Conclusion

Oppo Reno5 Review Conclusion – The camera capabilities on this device are quite interesting. Various creative ideas can be highlight with the camera of this device. Oppo’s efforts in relying on software for cameras are very serious and it becomes. Although not yet mature and great enough, but the results of change are clearly visible. Imagine just last year Oppo just introduced the Reno4 – the Reno5’s camera capabilities are far superior.

With a beautiful screen, supporting basic 90Hz refresh rate, fast touch rates and beautiful screen colors – this device is also suitable as a device to enjoy entertainment. But be sure to provide the right audio accessories for a more engaging user experience.

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Premium Quality

With a premium and unique design as well as increasingly great software, the Reno5 is arguably another OnePlus Nord challenger. The other gadget brand with Snapdragon 765G available in the Malaysian market is the Vivo X50 and the other challenger is the MediaTek Dimensity 800u used on the Realme 7 5G. The end user has a lot of options where the things to look for are the battery and software.

Oppo with Color OS 11 which is closer to the native Android, Realme is still with Realme UI and OnePlus with Oxygen OS which is more towards its own user experience – Reno5 will provide a different experience. You will be shock and see the changes that Oppo has brought. If your battery matters just go to OnePlus but the overall experience I would recommend the Oppo.

The selling price is also only RM1899, which is not so expensive if we compare it with the Vivo X50. So you decide what you want? If the camera, design and software – let’s spend your pocket money and try the Oppo Reno5. The details of the actual image are still visible only it is slightly illuminated.

Oppo Reno5 Camera Quality

Oppo Reno5 Camera Quality

Oppo Reno5 Camera Quality – For those who don’t know, Oppo is one of the companies that use Google Camera’s camera API, CameraX, for their applications. Most of the additional modes in the camera such as portrait mode, HDR, night mode and other modern functions/features are CameraX “plugins”. What is it and why is it so important?

We already know that every day, device manufacturers are increasingly turning to software to improve camera capabilities. But not everyone likes to use a built-in camera app from the manufacturer, let alone a Snapdragon chip-powered gadget that can use GCam. By using this CameraX plugin, if the user uses a third party camera application such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Open Camera-the camera functions such as zoom, portrait, macro or ultra wide angle will use technology from Oppo and not from within the camera just .

The Oppo Reno5 uses a 64-Megapixel (f/1.7) quad-camera setting; followed by three more separate sensors consisting of 8-Megapixel (ultra-wide) (f/2.2), 2-Megapixel (macro) (f/ 2.4); and 2-Megapixel (mono) (f/2.4). Many interesting functions and features are included in the Oppo Reno5 camera; such as AI Highlight Video for video recording at night, Portrait Beautification Video for bokeh mode on video, Dual-View Video offering Split, Round; and Rectangle templates, Ultra Steady Video 3.0 video stabilization mode , which offers viewing for almost all cameras including selfies.

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The few problems I encountered on this device were from memory management. It’s not that great, where in my opinion Oppo should offer a 12GB variation for this model. It sounds like nonsense, but if the price is only 200-300 different; what’s the point of having a better memory option. Probably because Oppo wants users to choose the Pro variation if they want a greater performance experience. So the basic model has a rate -style experience only.

Thanks for reading this gadget review article.

Oppo Reno5 Pro Various Recording Function

Oppo Reno5 Pro Various Recording Function

Oppo Reno5 Pro various recording function during shooting. Among them are as follows:-

1) Monochrome Video

This feature comes with three different filters that can be accessed through the video function. It will focus on 3 main colors like – red, green and blue. Then, the background of the video will be black and white.

2) AI Highlight Video

It uses an algorithm that is automatically adjusted based on the surrounding conditions. Then, improve the quality of the video recording to be better for satisfactory results.

3) AI Color Portrait

Allows the background of an image to be black and white. But, the subject will be retain at the original color. It can be say to be an interesting function to produce a picture that looks different. This function can be used on both rear and front cameras.

4) Ultra Steady Video 3.0

Allows users to record video stably – as if recorded using a gimbal. This mode is divide into three namely-a) Front Steady Video (front camera), b) Ultra Steady Video (main camera), c) Ultra Steady Video Pro (ultra-wide camera).

5) Dual-View Video

A feature that allows video to be recorded using the Oppo gadget front camera and rear camera simultaneously. There are three different types of templates to choose from – Split, Round and Rectangle.

6) AI Scene Enchancement

The camera on the Oppo Reno5 also allows users to make subject recognition on photos of up to 22 different categories including – humans, animals, plants, food and more.

7) Ultra-Clear 108MP Image

A feature that ensures every picture taken is of high quality. At the same time, the image will not break even when zoomed.

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8) Portrait Beautification Video

A feature that allows users produce footage with better bokeh effects. Also visible, it comes with a built -in beauty mode that allows cheeks to be straighten, wrinkles flattened, skin whiten, makeup apply and eyes enlarge.

Oppo Reno5 Pro Interface and Usage

Oppo Reno5 Pro Interface and Usage

Oppo Reno5 Pro Interface and Usage – Next, the interface used is ColorOS 11.1 which is built based on the latest Android 11. The interface board looks very user friendly with a neat arrangement and decorated with quite cheerful icons. As far as we use it, it offers a seamless experience. No problems occurred and it was just fun to use. In addition, there are also various other interesting features that are featured in Oppo gadget. Such as :

1) Customizable Always-On Display

Function that allows you to customize the Always-On Display settings according to your own creativity. It only takes a few simple scrolls for you to create a new design or add some text styles and layouts to available templates.

2) Customizable Ringtone

You can set or change the ringtone to your liking. At the same time, you can also export ringtones as MP3 files and use them as background music when creating Vlogs.

3) Customizable Dark Mode

There are 3 types of dark theme modes combined with the Auto Brightness feature to give you a comfortable viewing experience – no matter whether it is day or night.

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4) Three-Finger Translate Instant Translation

A function that allows you to create translations quickly. Through it, translations can be made directly from screenshots.

5) Dataless File Sharing

The absence of mobile and network data is no longer a problem. You can now share various forms of content including images, videos and files with nearby Oppo Android smartphones without using data.

6) Super Power Saving Mode

A function that limits the use of background apps for longer battery life. Through this function, users can select up to 6 important applications to use when this function is activated.

For the side design, it places the power button on the right side. Meanwhile, the volume adjustment button is on the opposite side. Then, there are no buttons and connection ports at the top. But, you can find a microphone hole with the inscription.

Oppo A74 5G Review Conclusion

Oppo A74 5G Review Conclusion

Oppo A74 5G Review Conclusion – Oppo is putting effort to offer 5G gadget at an affordable price and they managed to do just that. The device still has a premium -looking and sleek finish in hand without any compromise of offering additional features. There’s still an audio jack, a fingerprint scanner, a battery big enough and a processor powerful enough to play the popular first.

The empty Snapdragon 480 may be from the 400 series but its performance is only slightly below the Snapdragon 690 (OnePlus Nord N10 5G) but better than the Snapdragon 678 (Redmi Note 10). In this review we said a lot that the A74 5G is a Nord N10 5G that is given a leather dressing and changed its processor only. So all the strengths of the Nord N10 5G are there on the A74 5G gadget but so are its shortcomings.


The downside is that the camera works well in good lighting situations but disappoints in night and macro modes. Perhaps it is better that only the main dual-camera device is offered in this segment if the direct macro mode is not satisfactory. This will reduce the cost of devices in the now increasingly competitive price segment.

At a price of RM1099, it is offered at a reasonable price for the package offered. Better performance than the Redmi Note 10 and the screen has a higher refresh rate. But in my personal opinion, the OnePlus Nord N10 5G is a better choice; because of the more powerful processor, more ergonomic fingerprint scanner and faster charging for an additional RM100 price only.

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Attractive design with beautiful finish
The 90hz screen makes the device feel fast.
The Snapdragon 480 is more powerful than expected.
Extremely satisfactory battery performance.
3.5mm audio jack


Charging is only 18W. Not as fast as VOOC on other Oppo devices.
Unsatisfactory night mode and macros.
Fingerprint scanners are less user -friendly left -handed.
Speaker mono.

Oppo A74 5G Usage And Software

Oppo A74 5G Usage And Software

Oppo A74 5G Usage And Software – Android 11 is compatible with the ColorOS 11.1 launcher. This isn’t the latest version of 11.2 used on the Oppo Find X3 Pro but we don’t feel there are any features removed even though the price difference of the device is almost RM3000.

The 6GB of memory on offer may be a bit small but again it doesn’t feel like a loss if not too many apps are launched simultaneously. Usage feels smooth and fast because Color OS is optimized quite well. If your 90Hz screen feels unnecessary, you can switch to 60Hz mode to save more battery.

Oppo is not shy in providing a variety of additional features that are not provided on the native Android. Almost everything can be changed from the grid size of the app tray, the app tray itself, gestures, icons, animations, and more. It’s impossible to list the various additional features that Oppo comes with but the useful ones are Smart Sidebar for quick acronyms of apps, eliminating camera holes by placing the forehead on top of the screen, gestures to take screenshots and more.

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This year I had the opportunity to review the Oppo Find X3 Pro with the highest specifications (Snapdragon 888) and the Oppo A74 5G with much lower specifications. Although the processor performance gap of the two devices is large; but the experience of using Color OS is almost equivalent. Of course the Find X3 Pro is faster because the memory; and storage are faster but in 90% of situations using Facebook, Instagram, Chrome; and Twitter the experience is still equally smooth and equally does not cause any problems.

Color OS launchers are now more mature and robust even on their devices sold at affordable price tags. The issue of Oppo gadget previously there was a significant performance gap between the flagship and mid -range models. Because of the optimization that has been done, the old issue has not arisen; and this is the reason why Oppo is now the device with the highest sales in China; and the Southeast Asian region.