OnePlus Nord 2 Battery

OnePlus Nord 2 Battery

The OnePlus Nord 2 battery on premium OnePlus devices rarely disappoints. While not as great as in the heyday of this brand just becoming popular, but for today’s standards it is acceptable. Light use is not a problem if 90Hz is always active to receive SOT for up to over 7 hours. Even if the method of using 8 hours of SOT is controlled, there is no problem.

Heavier use will show durability reaching over 5 hours with primer, camera, benchmark test as well as hotspot use. OnePlus Nord 2 also comes with 65W fast charging support from Warp Charge technology that can charge 0% -100% in around 40 minutes only. Their claim of a 15 -minute charge a day I can confirm.

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What happened to this OnePlus Nord 2 device was the beginning where Oxygen OS and Color OS started to merge. An Oppo plus may really be a smart move by OnePlus to make updates faster. Now since they merged with Oppo, updates are getting slower than before. With a lot of use of the older and more stable Color OS elements, it could probably be the best gadget that OnePlus can offer.

Unfortunately, loyal OnePlus fans will probably be disappointed that many of the original Android elements are no longer visible. The minimalist design elements of the Oxygen OS are still there, but not much. This device may be suitable for users who just want to get to know OnePlus.

Good screen, trouble -free performance, acceptable camera as well as a pretty durable battery. The OnePlus Nord 2 is a pretty good premium mid -range device. The selling price above RM2000 for the base model is a bit expensive, when Xiaomi can offer much more robust specs at a more affordable price. But if you don’t want MIUI software problems, this Color OS -style Oxygen OS device might be for you.

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