OnePlus 7 Pro Battery

OnePlus 7 Pro Battery

For the first time OnePlus includes a 4000mAh capacity in OnePlus 7 Pro battery in their device. For years OnePlus only used batteries in the 3000mAh range, finally there was a huge capacity. Most likely it’s because this great OnePlus screen requires a lot of power, so the large battery size is a smart move by OnePlus.

The battery life of this OnePlus 7 Pro is quite amazing. No problem for SOT for over 7 Hours, if the setting is FHD+ with 90Hz screen fresh rate. But if using QHD+ and 90Hz, the battery life will be around 3-4 hours only. Then if using the hidden setting will be below 3 Hours SOT.

Another option is, use adjustable settings that will determine everything automatically. But this setting will give a battery life of around 6 Hours SOT only. For fast charging, OnePlus uses Warp Charge 30W which can charge the device from 0% to 100% around 1 Hour to 1 Hour 15 Minutes only. Overall, the battery of this OnePlus 7 Pro is quite good.

The battery score is 9/10.

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The design of this OnePlus 7 Pro device looks like an original design. But if viewed more closely, the design of the front is similar to the Oppo Find X or even the Samsung Galaxy S10+ a little. Speaking of the screen, the front design of this device is very sexy and beautiful. Thin chin and almost practically no forehead. At the top, a stereo earpiece/speaker is included in the upper frame adjacent to the pop-up selfie camera. The back is very neat and beautiful.

The camera bulge is not so high, the overall gadget design is neat and premium. Comfortable in the hand and not so slippery. It’s just, even though the OnePlus has one variation with a matte and non -glossy finish – which is the unit I tested on this, it still traps serious fingerprint dirt. This color is the color of Nebula Blue. Other colors like Mirror Gray and Almond are mirror -like and glossy finish.

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OnePlus 7 Pro Comparison

OnePlus 7 Pro Comparison

The easiest OnePlus 7 Pro comparison is that UFS is like an SSD on a PC and eMMC is like an HDD. So, the work of installing applications, opening applications, data transfer, data storage or even the data cache process is faster than usual. This thing will actually not be noticed by the average user, as it happens a lot from the system part.

The Snapdragon 855 is a processor chip widely used by flagship devices this year. Its performance is obviously as good and satisfying as any flagship gadget. The only advantage of this OnePlus is that the operating system used is very light. Oxygen OS is an operating system similar to the native Android, so the animations are smooth, the interface is very user -friendly and simple. Oxygen OS is not an operating system for all, because it is too simple – users unfamiliar with native Android will easily get bore.

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Oxygen OS works well, fast and smoothly. Throughout use I have never felt any time lag or problems. The operating system is based on Android 9.0 Pie which also receives monthly security updates; and regularly receives updates for camera improvements. Among the interesting functions in Oxygen OS are Quick Launch; which can be access from the lock screen by using a fingerprint; to access some applications, Parallel Apps; for app clones, DC Dimming for those who are easily dizzy when the screen flashes; and also Quick reply in landscape to reply messages in landscape mode while other applications are in use.

The first play is one of the most exciting. This is because the OnePlus gaming mode now comes with Fnatic mode which is the first play setting proposed by the Fnatic e-sports team. It has a more interesting Do Not Disturb, focuses performance on the first only; and also enhances the use of the Internet against the first. My first favorites are Asphalt 9, PUBG Mobile and even Hitman Sniper.

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OnePlus 7 Microphone

OnePlus 7 Microphone

At the top there is only a OnePlus 7 microphone and below is the antenna, USB-C port and speaker lattice. Moving to the right side, there is a power button and a slider button to control the ringtone. Finally on the left, OnePlus puts a volume button, another antenna and even a SIM card slot. The designs of the OnePlus 6, OnePlus 6T and OnePlus 7 have similar design elements. So this OnePlus 7 looks a little boring.

The building materials are quite premium, from a distance this device looks sexy and charming. The Mirror Gray color also makes the device ideal for an entrepreneur or professional user. OnePlus also offers Blush Red, which is a bright red lipstick -like color and a Mirror Blue color that is similar to Nebula Blue – but specifically for the Indian market only.

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OnePlus 7 is not officially sold in Malaysia. When the OnePlus 7 Pro was launched, they stated that the OnePlus 7 is specific to markets like India and China only. But, there are only sellers in Malaysia who bring in this device and sell it at a fairly reasonable price.

The price of the OnePlus 7 import set is around RM1900 to RM2400, depending on the variations sold. One example of a well -known store is Mobile2Go, they sell the OnePlus 7 8/256GB at RM1999 and the 12/256GB variant is sold at only RM2349.

The official price in China is RMB2999 for 8/256GB which is around RM1790 and RMB3499 for 12/256GB which is around RM2088.


Concluding this OnePlus 7 gadget review, it is indeed a better device than expected. It’s not a OnePlus 6T with a bit of an upgrade. Fast UFS3.0 storage, fast app opening/closing and even an awesome camera.

The battery is also quite durable and great. This device should be sold in Malaysia officially, because it is indeed a worthwhile and satisfying device.

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OnePlus 7 Main Camera

OnePlus 7 Main Camera

The OnePlus 7 main camera is a dual-camera system. The main lens is a 48MP lens from Sony IMX586 and has an f/1.7 lens aperture. This lens also has OIS. The second lens is a 5MP lens with an f/2.4 lens aperture. But the second lens does not have any stabilization sensor and the image quality will depend on the main lens only. This is because this second lens is a depth sensor that will help produce beautiful bokeh images. The rear camera is also matched with a dual-LED flash.

The image results at first look like OnePlus 6T. The OnePlus image post-process isn’t as great as the Pixel, so the image results seen to have no significant difference. However, OnePlus still tries to follow the Pixel concept with the use of software to make the picture result better. The color of the resulting image is beautiful and satisfying. It’s bright, the details are also clear. This 48MP lens is very helpful.

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In terms of color contrast, clarity and white color balance are fine. But what we do realize is, most photos taken with the OnePlus 7 have a frequent orange effect. This may be a bug in the camera application. Because it only happens occasionally. For zoom, this OnePlus gadget does not have a telephoto lens. So, the zoom image is only digital with the crop and post -process technique only. Neat results, but not the best.

For bokeh mode pictures, it has very encouraging results. We didn’t think the OnePlus 7 could take neat and good portrait image results. On the fuzzy side it is neat and even.

For the selfie camera, the lens used is 16MP from the Sony IMX471 lens. It doesn’t support auto-focus mode, but it still has good image results. Likewise with the portrait mode on the selfie camera side, it gives satisfactory results.

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OnePlus Nord 2 Battery

OnePlus Nord 2 Battery

The OnePlus Nord 2 battery on premium OnePlus devices rarely disappoints. While not as great as in the heyday of this brand just becoming popular, but for today’s standards it is acceptable. Light use is not a problem if 90Hz is always active to receive SOT for up to over 7 hours. Even if the method of using 8 hours of SOT is controlled, there is no problem.

Heavier use will show durability reaching over 5 hours with primer, camera, benchmark test as well as hotspot use. OnePlus Nord 2 also comes with 65W fast charging support from Warp Charge technology that can charge 0% -100% in around 40 minutes only. Their claim of a 15 -minute charge a day I can confirm.

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What happened to this OnePlus Nord 2 device was the beginning where Oxygen OS and Color OS started to merge. An Oppo plus may really be a smart move by OnePlus to make updates faster. Now since they merged with Oppo, updates are getting slower than before. With a lot of use of the older and more stable Color OS elements, it could probably be the best gadget that OnePlus can offer.

Unfortunately, loyal OnePlus fans will probably be disappointed that many of the original Android elements are no longer visible. The minimalist design elements of the Oxygen OS are still there, but not much. This device may be suitable for users who just want to get to know OnePlus.

Good screen, trouble -free performance, acceptable camera as well as a pretty durable battery. The OnePlus Nord 2 is a pretty good premium mid -range device. The selling price above RM2000 for the base model is a bit expensive, when Xiaomi can offer much more robust specs at a more affordable price. But if you don’t want MIUI software problems, this Color OS -style Oxygen OS device might be for you.

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OnePlus Nord 2 Model

OnePlus Nord 2 Model

This 8/128 GB OnePlus Nord 2 model has an AnTuTu score of 565,208. While on Geekbench 5 it has a score of 821/2873 for single core and multi-core. This is a standard score for the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 with 8GB of memory. Because if there is 12GB and virtual RAM support it can reach up to 650-700 thousand.

Even so, this score hasn’t affected my usage since using the Oneplus gadget for about two weeks. In addition to the Oxygen OS problem which is similar to Color OS, real -time usage is smooth and satisfying.

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The main tr-camera configuration which includes Sony IMX766 50MP wide angle sensor, OIS + 8MP ultra wide angle sensor, EIS with 119.7 degree viewing angle + 2MP mono sensor is good configuration and practically each of these sensors is well used. Zoom support is up to 10x digital, supports multiple auto-focus modes, 30fps 4K video recording capability and AI Photo/Video Enhancement are adequate for devices in this class.

The selfie camera is a Sony IMX615 32MP sensor, EIS that supports 1080p 30fps recording. This OnePlus Nord 2 camera app is like a camera app on Oppo and Realme devices. It has a deeper beauty mode of its controls and there is also an AI mode.

The quality of the selfie camera is quite high quality and high resolution. It’s just that the color is a little faded than I expected. But the portrait mode is pretty neat and satisfying. The beauty mode is a must I test, because it’s the first time I’ve encountered this mode on a OnePlus device since the last time I used the OnePlus 8T which still doesn’t have this mode. The beauty mode is a bit weird, but it’s there if that’s what you want. As well as this beauty mode is also what makes some picture situations have more attractive colors.

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OnePlus 7T Pro Performance

OnePlus 7T Pro Performance

Preliminary OnePlus 7T Pro performance & daily assignments. Benchmark scores are for reference only. So what is displayed is sometimes not the same as the real-world performance that we as consumers experience. It is common knowledge that the Apple A13 Bionic processor chip is the most powerful. The benchmark score of this chip on AnTuTu is 470, 297 and on Geekbench 5 is 1335 for single core and 2953 for multi-core. But the Snapdragon 855+ used on the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition got a score of 477008 in AnTuTu, 774 for single core and 2618 for multi-core in Geekbench 5.

Throughout the use of this OnePlus gadget, there is absolutely no problem of time lag when scrolling on the screen. This is thanks to the 90Hz high refresh rate screen and also the greatness of Oxygen OS 10. Every scroll and animation transition is absolutely no time lag. Opening the app, closing or switching is really smooth, fast and everything makes my heart happy.

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Although the RAM used is high i.e. up to 12GB, it still does not have good RAM management. There is already a RAM booster option, the RAM usage of this device reaches over 6GB even when the device is not in use and no terrible background apps are running. Thankfully 12GB of RAM, so there is 6GB left. Imagine if the RAM was only 8GB, there would definitely be a time lag problem. The device is also really great for multi-tasking purposes, opening two apps simultaneously or while watching a video while replying to a message-it’s great.

Below I include some more photo results from this OnePlus device. You can enjoy and appreciate the beauty of images from OnePlus. If you’re wondering, why is there a difference with the OnePlus 7 Pro when the camera specifications are the same – I’m not sure myself. OnePlus 7 Pro devices still do not have a macro mode, but OnePlus 7T devices do have a macro mode. So my conclusion here is, OnePlus uses software to enhance the camera’s prowess of the device.

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Tri-Camera in OnePlus 7T Pro

Tri-Camera in OnePlus 7T Pro

Why Still Tri-Camera in OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition? Others have already started using quad-cameras, penta-cameras, but the OnePlus with a slack remains with tri-cameras. The 48MP f/1.6 + 12MP f/2.4 + 16MP f/2.2 main tri-camera uses a regular wide-angle lens, a 2x zoom telephoto lens and an ultra-wide-angle lens. An additional advantage is, all three lenses support macro image recording. So far, this is the only Android gadget that has managed to produce good ultra-wide-angle image results-in terms of color, performance and lens transitions.

The OnePlus Camera app is simple and easy to understand. There are many functions included such as portrait mode, Nightscape, slow motion recording, panorama and more. Oh yes, it also supports full manual control and offers a variety of settings including long exposure.

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In the utilities section in the settings, users can activate a variety of interesting functions that are worth a try. For example, shortcut access to various functions or favorite applications through fingerprint scanning, cloning applications to use two different accounts such as Facebook and WhatsApp and also application lockers to lock applications and can only be access through fingerprint scanning. For those who are easily dizzy, OnePlus also offers a DC dimming function that can be activated in OnePlus lab settings. This function however, will lower the screen resolution and each pixel is most likely easy to see.

There are many more modifying options, which if I wrote them all down for sure no one would read. Another interesting function I should mention is the RAM booster; which will increase the use of RAM to upgrade the performance of the device. Additionally is the landscape mode, which can allow users to have the ability to reply to messages easily. Digital Wellebing has the same capabilities as Pixel and Zen Mode will help users control their obsession with device use. There is no denying that Oxygen OS is one of the best operating systems and it is difficult for me to find its flaws.

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OnePlus 7T Pro Design

OnePlus 7T Pro Design

Like the OnePlus 7 Pro, the OnePlus 7T Pro design continues the use of a dual-curved screen. It’s not like the flat OnePlus 7T, which to me is more comfortable to use. Then, the dual-curve screen has no curves like the vivo NEX 3 or Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. The curves are at a comfortable level and will not interfere with the user experience. The frame of this device is aluminum, and when in hand it is thick and pleasant to hold – although the device is slippery.

The design of the bezel is also balanced and very thin so that from one direction, the bezel is not visible at all. Despite not having a curve on the chin as if the iPhone X was up, OnePlus managed to thin its chin many times more than the iPhone.

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The 6.67-inch screen makes this device uncomfortable to use with just one hand. Yes, that’s right – this is not a big deal. This is because the majority of firecracker devices that are on the market right now have an equivalent size. I’m sure, the majority of users don’t care about this size and all can use the OnePlus gadget with two hands easily. But what about consumers who have small hands, like the girls out there? You have to choose the OnePlus 7T, as the OnePlus does not include the screen shrinking option as offered by Xiaomi or the iPhone with Reachability function.

The fingerprint scanning security system is the same as the OnePlus 7 Pro. This means, very fast. No other Android device I’ve used so far has the speed of unlocking like the OnePlus. Another alternative is face -based unlocking, which is also fast. But it is not very safe and will use a selfie camera. But not as fast as other Android devices, because selfie cameras are a pop-up type. But interesting, no matter the vertically or horizontally it can only recognize the face. Ehem, ehem… Apple.

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OnePlus 8T Review Conclusion

OnePlus 8T Review Conclusion

OnePlus 8T Review Conclusion – The OnePlus 8T is the beginning of a big change in the OnePlus brand. Through this device, the OnePlus identity that we knew a long time ago began to disappear. It’s a device that tries to be an affordable flagship device, but at the same time still tries to be a premium device. This device we will recommend to those who are using OnePlus 7 and below, then it is worth it.

This is OnePlus’s offering for a device that is balanced between two degrees. Premium middle class and affordable flagship devices. It comes with a nice screen, an acceptable camera and crazy fast charging. But it’s now no longer for gadget enthusiasts or those who understand technology. Instead it is targeted for everyone.

For those looking for a device with fast updates, a mediocre camera, an ok battery, great performance and other brand-style designs but cheaper prices-this is the device for you. Competitors here are the Mi 10T Pro and S20 FE. OnePlus is unabashedly in between these two devices. It’s good enough, the price is cheap enough, but not enough value for authenticity.

Telephones And GPS

The phone call was very clear and no problem. It also supports Maxis VoLTE HD voice calling. Using mobile data is also great from signal search to downloading. It’s stable. The use of GPS is also excellent and excellent. Location is easy to lock, navigation no signal problems everything is fine.

It’s just, there’s a problem with the light sensor. Because it is built under the screen, when answering a phone call the screen does not go dark and is always lit. Indirectly makes the OnePlus gadget easy to warm up when answering a phone call.


Pretty 120Hz AMOLED screen.
Crazy fast charging system.
Fast updates and guaranteed to last a long time.
Android 11 is already built -in.
Flat and thin screen design.
The sale price is not so expensive.

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The camera is still like the OnePlus 7T.
Bored design and no identity.
Oxygen OS 11 uses a One UI -like design.
The battery does not last long.
Stereo speakers are not very nice.

OnePlus 8T Processing Capability

OnePlus 8T Processing Capability

OnePlus 8T Processing Capability – The benchmark score is also just great. AnTuTu scored 583,788. It is a pretty high score and very good for a device with such specifications. The Don’t Kill My App score is 99% which proves no problem with the application running in the background. Finally Geekbench scores 5,839 for one core and 3118 for multi-core. Also an excellent score.

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The camera on this device does not have any special features that make it a device with a good camera. What OnePlus offers is just a significant software update. This is because the picture result is the same as what you see in the OnePlus 7T. There are a few updates in terms of night mode and portrait mode. But that’s it. From time immemorial, OnePlus devices have had fine camera capabilities and the video viewing capabilities are just great in terms of OIS and EIS but no really noticeable changes.

We took some photo samples and saw the results were just fine. Not that the quality is disappointing, on the contrary no changes that make the camera of this device special make us feel disappointed. Night mode is among the image results we love to see. It’s bright, trying hard to preserve details as well as trying to maintain a natural -looking color.

The result of the portrait photo looks more neat, no matter in dark or light conditions. It gives satisfactory results and a sense of happiness only. But ultra -wide -angle footage is already boring. Since 7 Pro, that’s just the result. In our opinion, OnePlus gadget needs to fix the distortion effect to be more tidy. The color is ok, but the distortion is just a little problematic.

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