Sensor in Mi 9 SE

On top of the device there is an infrared sensor in Mi 9 SE for the remote control along with a microphone. At the bottom there are two lattice speakers, of which the speakers are mono. Along with it is a USB-C port. On the left side there is a sim card slot and on the right side are the power button and volume button. Overall, the design of this Mi 9 SE device is quite charming and took my heart.


Lately, Xiaomi has not been selling their devices at expensive prices. The price of most Xiaomi gadget is affordable and to me for a device with a price-to-performance ratio, Xiaomi is the best choice. The Xiaomi Mi 9SE is priced at only RM1299 for the 6/64 GB variant and the 6/128 GB variant is priced at only RM1499. The color of choice that users can choose is Piano Black or Ocean Blue.

With such specifications, the price of the Mi 9 SE can be said to be cheap and its closest competitor is the Samsung Galaxy A70 which is priced close to RM2K. So, for the price score I give it 9/10.

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Is the Xiaomi Mi 9SE a worthwhile device? Is it worth owning or worth buying?

If you want to find a device that is compact, has a beautiful camera and has enough power, this is probably the best device. Where can you find a compact device priced below RM1500 that has a beautiful AMOLED screen, a satisfying camera and a compact and comfortable design to hold? On my Mi 9SE the only small-sized latest device you can get.

If you ignore the time -consuming battery and MIUI launcher, this device is enough to be the best everyday device. I have been using the Mi 9SE for over a month and I am happy with this device. Anyway, you are all smart buyers. Plan in advance, the smartphone you want to buy – what is the main purpose? Surely you will not regret your choice.

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