Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Camera Capabilities

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Camera Capabilities – The S20 FE camera specs are the lowest among this year’s S20 series. The telephoto lens is simply matched with an 8-megapixel sensor and no zoom support up to 100X and the periscope system that is the market trend right now. Maximum video recording resolution is also limited to 4K 60p only instead of 8K 24p. If you’re more adventurous, the HDR10+ recording mode can also be activated but is still in Beta.

That retained only night mode, panorama, Single Take, Live Photo, Pro, Pro Video, Hyperlapse and Slow Motion. The Scene Optimiser and Shot Suggestions artificial intelligence systems are also retained for those who prefer to use the automatic mode.

The S20 FE’s camera bump also didn’t upset us because it was small in size. This was successfully done because the S20 FE was not equipped with a giant sensor and a zoom system with a periscope mechanism that took up quite a large space. The use of a conservative sensor of this size is comparable to that found on the Z Fold2. When placed on a table, the Samsung gadget is only slightly tilted.

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Picture Quality

The pictures taken were better than we expected due to the use of a smaller sensor. It retains criteria often seen on Samsung’s camera software. Sharp pictures with vivid colors can be taken especially in good lighting situations. The Scene Optimser system ensures that HDR photos taken reduce glare and illuminate dark areas.

The pictures taken will go through post-processing by Samsung software. This also means less accurate color reproduction. More blue and more yellow especially on skin tones. The S20 FE night mode on our savings is just satisfying. There are noise issues and not as sharp as we saw on the Note20 Ultra.

The optical zoom is up to 3X and the digital zoom is up to 30X. Software is used to get a high zoom level. The result is that the zoom up to 3X is still sharp but starting to break beyond 10X.