Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra Review Conclusion

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra Review Conclusion – The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G is a smartphone with the best stylus on the market right now. The throne is won by default because no other flagship device offers the same feature set as the Note20 Ultra on the market right now. That’s why we say he’s a king without a hat because he has no competitors at all and makes his victory feel a little empty.

But we also feel it’s Samsung’s best candybar type smartphone of the year even though many don’t like the Exynos 990. As we said in the S20 FE review, the difference between the Exynos 990 and Snapdragon 865 is actually almost zero. The user experience of both devices is the same.

Note20 Ultra is the best candybar smartphone because of the combination of premium gadget design, powerful hardware, software with various additional features, better camera lady than S20 Ultra 5G and satisfactory battery life.

We admit at RM5199 it is beyond the means of most users; however we recommend the Samsung Note20 Ultra; for those who want a flagship device that offers features that can increase productivity.

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Powerful processor with large RAM size that ensures various applications can be launched smoothly and quickly.
Samsung One UI 2.5 is very smooth with various interesting additional features such as YourPhone on Windows 10.
The S-Pen stylus is faster and more precise.
The best camera capabilities on Samsung devices this year.
Satisfactory battery life.
Operating system support for up to three years.


Curved screens are still in use.
Charging support is only 25W. Slower than the S20 Ultra with 45W.
The Exynos 990 is not the most powerful chip for a device that sells for over RM5000.
The modified S-Pen storage location is less ergonomic for kinan users.