Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra Brief Review

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra Brief Review – Nine years ago the Samsung Galaxy Note was launched with a “giant” 5.3-inch screen. Its existence became a laughing stock but after 13 iterations of its launch, it has so far remained on the forefront of devices with a built -in S Pen stylus in the market. Without real competitors, Samsung is free to do anything on this flagship device without having to worry about sales being disrupted. This cuisine happens if only they offer such a device in the market.

But since last year Samsung has created its own competitor to the Note series by launching two different models. On the Note20 and Note20 Ultra, they repeat the same strategy. But unlike last year the differences between the Note20 and Note20 Ultra are now more noticeable. The most notable difference is that the screen technology as well as the camera are vastly different.

So is the Note20 Ultra the default choice because on paper it is a more worthwhile device or this year it is finally sued because of the existence of a better device sold at a more competitive price?

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With a variable refresh rate, the device will choose when the 120Hz refresh rate will be used. For example it is active when scrolling websites and gadget interfaces. It is then downgraded to 60Hz when the YouTube app opens. In fact it can go down to 11Hz when using a direct ebook reading app that doesn’t require a high refresh rate

What is unresolved compared to last year is the double-curved screen on the side. The device feels smoother and the view of watching videos on full screen is a bit disturbed. The S20 Ultra proves the flat screen is a smarter choice from now on. If you want a flat screen on this year’s Note device; you have no choice but to buy the Note20 alone.

But we know for most people everything we wrote above can be summed up as the best screen in its class, an excellent color display and now finally supports a high refresh rate to offer the smoothest scrolling you can enjoy.