Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G One UI 2.5

Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G One UI 2.5 – Since Samsung introduced the One UI, it’s been a big change in Samsung’s operating system. With the trend of device size getting bigger, this One UI makes it very easy for users to operate the device with one hand. In One UI, Samsung works more with Microsoft than Google. Just look, though many Google apps and services are offered on many devices. Samsung uses more of its own applications and also from Microsoft such as OneDrive, Microsoft Office, and more.

This makes the experience of using the One UI a little awkward; for users who are already familiar with devices that rely heavily on Google apps. Although it can be downloaded from the Play Store; but it is a nasty thing because it is not set by default. Even so, Samsung is clearly trying to maintain a close relationship with Googlem through collaborations such as improved Google Assistant capabilities, fast update support and for three years, among the earliest non -Pixel devices to support Google’s transcript functionality as well as among the earliest non -Pixel Android devices for support Nearby Share function – or better known as an AirDrop clone.

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Interface Design

One UI although the interface uses its own design;; it is not so heavy compare to the operating system of the old Samsung. It has a user -friendly use of colors, is easy to use, all neatly arranged; and any settings are easy to find. Samsung’s iconic functions like their Sidebar are still retain even though the screen of the device is not curve. Not forgetting the Always-On Display capability which remains beautiful and charming.

Maybe it’s an impossible thing to see Samsung gadget using a design as if it were a native Android. Let Samsung with the One UI and stay long, only hopefully one day – it will be better optimize.