Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G Conclusion

Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G Conclusion – Galaxy Note20 5G is not for everyone. It is for those who have money only. Why do we say this? This is because 5G is still too late to arrive in Malaysia, and it is better to just buy the 4G variation that has a saving of RM400. If you have extra money, it is better to spend on Note20 Ultra 5G only.

This smart gadget is not only expensive, but too much different in terms of features and functionality compared to the Ultra version. In our opinion, if you don’t use a lot of Samsung-Pen-just buy a Galaxy S20+ or ​​S20 Ultra that is already cheap with a much better camera. If you still want the S-Pen, the Galaxy Note10+ can still be purchased and the price is also quite cheap.

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  1. The screen stays beautiful, bright and has an immersive experience.
  2. Satisfactory camera with 8K recording ability.
  3. The design looks luxurious with a matte finish. This make the gadget user feels like a rich king.
  4. The stereo speakers are great.
  5. Durability IP68, which mean this phone can withstand water.
  6. Wireless charging. There is not that many phone with wireless charging supports.


  1. The screen has no high refresh rate. If the user is a hardcore gamer who cares about screen latency this is a really fatal disadvantage to have in a phone.
  2. Plastic building materials, the feeling is just so brittle and weak hold.
  3. The price is a bit expensive. Compared to the other phone in the same price range, the phone seems a bit lacking in features.
  4. Recycled processor chips. This phone is using recycled chips, which means its not going to be as durable like the new one.
  5. The battery is not as great as the competition.