Samsung Galaxy A51 Camera

The Samsung Galaxy A51 camera uses a quad-camera system of 48MP f/2.0 (main) + 12MP f/2.2 (ultra wide angle) + 5MP f/2.4 (macro) + 5MP f/2.2 (bokeh) lens. For the selfie camera is 32MP f/2.2. The overall result of this camera is as expected for Samsung’s mid -range devices. Still, bokeh lenses and macro lenses to me are a gimmick and seem to have no function. Only the ultra wide angle lens surprised me as the results were very satisfying.

I’ll start with the ultra wide angle lens first. Samsung uses a 123 degree viewing angle and is extremely wide. Not only that, it has a fisheye -like display but it seems to have a distortion problem that has been fixed. Indirectly displays a beautiful and attractive ultra wide angle picture. In terms of color, it has a high dynamic range value, vivid colors and precise details.

It should be noted that this ultra wide angle lens does not support auto-focus. So be careful when taking pictures.

The next picture is a Live Focus picture that is supposed to use a bokeh lens to help with better results. However, this portrait mode picture looks untidy and unsatisfactory. If you look at my picture, in the ears and glasses – it is also blurred.

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However, there are situations where the results are quite interesting. Only the blur in the background is not pretty and looks so soft and unrealistic.

Like ultra-wide-angle lenses, macro lenses also lack auto-focus support. Indirectly made it difficult for me to take close -up pictures. Samsung says he’s mimicking 40mm DSLR lens, but I feel not. Typically, on smart gadget – the recommended distance is around 2cm. Yet the Galaxy A51 requires a distance of about 5cm from the subject. The color also looks a bit faded, but the result is fine.

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