Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Benchmark Score

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G benchmark score in terms of overall performance; both are able to carry most of the basic functions well in the early stages-this includes regular daily use such as surfing the internet, social media, watching YouTube and more. But over time there was a change-in which, performance declined slightly with some time lag issues starting to arise. This in turn makes the gadget performance a bit slower than the initial usage experience.

For the first experience, there are up to three types of games tested such as PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile and Asphalt 9. Through it, the first experience feels just fine for both devices. Where as, Asphalt 9 games are at a satisfactory level with good finger tracking support. Moving on to COD Mobile and PUBG Mobile there are several different settings that can be played.

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Game Setting

Through it, the original setting for COD Mobile games on the Samsung Galaxy A32 LTE is ‘Low’ with a ‘Medium’ frame rate. It, however, can only be manually changed to reach the highest ‘Medium’ graphics and ‘High’ frame rates. For PUBG Mobile, the original setting is seen in HD with a High frame rate. Then, it can be changed manually up to HD graphics and the frame rate reaches Ultra. However, Ultra frame rate can only be played on Smooth and Balanced graphics settings.

For the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, the original settings for graphics on COD Mobile games are ‘Medium’ and the frame rate is ‘Medium’. However, it can be manually changed to ‘Medium’. The frame rate can support up to ‘High’. For the record, it can only be accessed with any of the available graphics settings without any problems.

This is due to the use of LCD screens; and you will notice the color presentation also looks a bit faded. However, don’t worry too much because the display quality is still at an acceptable level – especially when used to watch videos. However, double satisfaction will be more felt on the LTE version due to the support of 90Hz refresh rate.