Samsung Galaxy A02s Camera Quality

Samsung Galaxy A02s Camera Quality – The Samsung Galaxy A02s uses a main tri-camera system with a 13-Megapixel (main) configuration and 2 more 2-Megapixel lenses for depth and macro sensors. Then, selfies can be taken through the 5-Megapixel front lens.

In terms of performance, the results of shots using this smart device look just fine for most everyday situations. But, the condition is that it is take in adequate lighting. It’s just that the relatively moderate color sharpness for some situations makes the picture look visibly too neutral and less pronounced. Nevertheless, it is still adequate for normal daily use.

Furthermore, the capture results at low illumination are also less satisfactory. Where, the details on the image look less satisfactory with noticeable noise effects. Not only that, the color is also less bright and a bit dark. Before forgetting, the Samsung Galaxy A02s does not come with a built -in night mode specifically. Moving to a macro lens, the results are also not very detail. It is, however, not a surprise. In fact, it can be expect to capture results from a 2-Megapixel macro sensor.

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Video Recording

For those of you who want to record video, the Samsung Galaxy A02s can record at a maximum setting of 1080p/30fps-for video recording use on both sides of the camera. But, it does not, however, have any support for stabilization.

In terms of quality, the screen looks just fine. Although, the resolution used is low. But, the display quality still looks bright along with good color contrast. Not only that, the viewing angle is also satisfactory when viewed from different angles. We also have to admit, all the content display can be clearly seen.

However, it is conditional as long as this smart device is use indoors. The reason is, the use of these smart Samsung gadget outdoors results in the experience of viewing content being somewhat compromised.