S20 Ultra Zoom System

Plus a Galaxy S20 Ultra zoom system on the most stable smartphones is also included. At 30X zoom the process of taking pictures is still easy as the images don’t shake as badly as we experienced on the P30 Pro. If you’re reluctant to live with compromise, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is among the most compact gadget ever produced to date.

But the dilemma here is that the majority of consumers do not need a Swiss Army Knife. They are more than happy enough to just have a spoon, fork. knives and scissors. So paying almost RM500 for toothpicks, flashlights, razors and unnecessary nail clippers can be seen as a waste.

What we can say about the S20 Ultra is that it’s the most complete device on the market after the Note 10+. His camera capabilities are best in class at the moment. 120Hz screen technology will change the way you use the device as long as battery life is not important to you.

In other words if you are indeed looking for a Swiss Army Knife device, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is a landmark device for the capable individual.


The most powerful Samsung device this year. The application can be launched quickly and without problems.
The One UI interface makes it easy to use the device with one hand.
12GB of RAM allows dozens of applications to launch without a refresh.
Good video and photo recording capabilities. Make up for the shortcomings on the S10+ and Note 10+.
Satisfactory battery life.
Charging up to 45W is supported.

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Problems with focusing zoom mode when used in indoor areas.
128GB of storage is too small for a premium flagship device.
The camera bulge is too large. The lens is often blocked by fingers.
The device is so thick that it is less comfortable to use one hand.
The 120Hz screen uses the battery quickly.

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