S20 Ultra Processor

Like the Pixel device, the S20 Ultra processor process each picture first to ensure sharpness and color. Good or bad we will touch on it again in the segment below. Notable is that like the Pixel 4 and iPhone 11 Pro Max, the S20 Ultra also uses post-processing to ensure each photo taken produces a satisfactory image.

The need to process each picture creates a very foreign problem for us on Samsung devices. The more pictures are taken continuously, the hotter the device will get. It didn’t make the device uncomfortable to use but we could feel the temperature difference on the back panel if the frame was removed.

The Samsung gadget also heats up quickly after taking 8K video even for just a minute. Powerthe high processing required causes the device to heat up faster than when taking pictures.

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Picture Quality

Even in auto mode, the pictures taken look vibrant and sharp. Our praise is give to the reproduction of a very vivid color. Scene Optimiser when activate will ensure that pictures taken are take with the correct settings. On the S10+ and Note 10+ we complain Samsung is trying to be Apple with pictures that don’t undergo an aggressive post -process. The result is a picture with less vivid colors and lower saturation than other Samsung flagship devices. On the S20 Ultra the picture will undergo an aggressive post -process and the saturation is higher than the real situation.

Yes we know there are some camps with different understandings of what deserves to be call “good picture quality”. The iPhone camp will say the resulting image should be the same as the actual situation. Samsung’s camp will say bright images with high saturation are necessary. Huawei’s camp says the night mode picture should look bright.

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