Redmi 10

The MediaTek G88 chip is actually the same as the G80 or G85 in Redmi 10. It’s more or less the same as a little extra power on the GPU. The test we did recorded a score of 209,778 on AnTuTu and a score of 365/1112 on Geekbench 5. AnTuTu is a Lite version because that’s all the larat device to run.

Playing Asphalt 9 is the only first that can be recommended. Because only on the menu there is a slight time delay and the play session will provide an acceptable experience. Attempting to run a heavier primer will make the gadget overheat and time lag extremely severe. So, if you are stubborn and still want to play – play at the lower settings recommended. The 6GB RAM variation probably won’t have this problem.

While the Redmi 10 is a basic class device. It still has fairly balanced stereo speakers compared to the Realme Narzo 30A or Infinix Hot 10S with mono speakers. The audio quality is not the best, with 100% levels starting to have an unpleasant effect and only around 60-70 percent only the best settings. Even so, it’s a bit slow.

But a balanced audio offering is enough to listen to friends, teachers, employers talk during teleconferencing sessions or simply alone watching videos and listening to music. If these speakers aren’t satisfactory, just buy an audio accessory like TWS for a more immersive listening experience.

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Telephones And GPS

Yes, as you and we expect – most MIUI devices at this price will have serious network problems. It’s not very friendly, even though our 4G area is stable. It’s a little slow and sometimes as if disconnected. Sometimes it is forgivable because there is fast WiFi, but even WiFi is sometimes successfully connected without access to the Internet. Not sure of the issue on the modem or MIUI.

Phone calls are fortunately good enough and adequate along with acceptable GPS which is quite fast location lock and no problem in the intricacies of directions on Google Maps. For the long haul it is difficult for us to determine whether it will be problematic or not.

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