Realme X2 Pro Camera

Yes, the Realme X2 Pro camera is also one of the devices that uses a lens from Samsung – 64MP. It is combined with a 13MP telephoto lens, 8MP ultra wide angle (5x hybrid optical zoom & 20x hybrid zoom) and 2MP bokeh lens. After using this device for quite some time, I found that the camera is quite great and is able to give amazing results. Only, if there is enough light.

I myself was surprised by the camera results of this device while on holiday in Penang. I spent time there with the Realme X2 Pro as a daily device for taking pictures. The sample below is the difference between the four lenses. The results are very satisfying. The first image is the main lens, the second is the triple zoom, then the image is zoomed five times and the last is the ultra wide angle. The first three lenses are very good, the color is almost even and vivid. Bright, precise details, very beautiful and satisfying. The value of the dynamic range is also quite high. The final picture, i.e. the ultra wide angle lens is not very interesting. The color fades, but it looks more natural and as if what the human eye sees.

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The next picture is also a test of the difference between the four lenses. The distance is around 100 meters and it displays amazing results. Moreover, when zoomed five times, the color remains, the individual details in the picture are also almost accurate and the noise effect is softened well. Ultra wide angle results, again has a faded color. However, the distortion effect is not severe and it has a good view. The next Realme gadget sample is to take a regular picture and zoom five times. Again, the results are amazing.

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