Realme GT Master Smartphone

Personally, the overall use of the Realme GT Master smartphone has not posed any problems as far as this review article is written. It feels good and is able to operate smoothly for all daily tasks. Where the process of opening and changing applications as well as animation transitions feels just fine. Thus, it makes daily tasks able to remain efficient without many problems or major issues.

In addition, there is also a special mode called as GT Mode which is suitable to be used for a better gaming experience. Where, it uses maximum CPU and GPU performance for the experience

which is pretty good. Apart from that, it also has a vibrating haptic response system which is also good in our view.

Next move to the Realme mobile game settings (first), the original graphics setting for the PUBG Mobile game is in HD with a High frame rate. It can also still reach Extreme frame rates when played on Smooth graphics. Furthermore, it is also possible to achieve Ultra frame rates for the highest HDR graphics settings.

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PUBG Game Default Settings

For COD Mobile, the default setting is Very High with High graphics. This frame rate can also reach Max but the highest graphics setting is as high as High. Then, when it is played with Very High graphics, the highest frame rate is also at the Very High setting only.

COD Game Default Settings

The next game which is Mobile Legend Bang Bang (MLBB) can be played reaching High graphics. Finally, the Genshin Impact game is originally set to low with a 30 fps mode. Just playing for fun is not a problem. But, of course there is no hope for more than that.

Other than that, we also don’t face extreme issues for outdoor use. The brightness level on this smartphone is quite good to ensure the content on the screen is comfortable to view. Then, the screen is also complete with a high refresh rate of 120Hz. The scrolling experience was pretty smooth and fun in our view. But, of course the 120Hz screen will use a lot of battery gadget.

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