Realme GT Master Good Elements

With a combination of several Realme GT Master good elements such as a unique timer comfortable in hand, good screen, satisfactory 120Hz support, stable internal software and capable performance. It is no exaggeration to say that this smartphone is quite attractive to own. The camera capabilities are also good where there are various filters and interesting functions that can be tried. But, it is actually not the main focus on this smartphone.

The disadvantage lies in the relatively small 4,300mAh battery capacity. Guess, it is better if the Realme uses at least a battery with a capacity of 5000mAh. However, Realme is clever in covering the ‘hole’ of the deficiency by including other supports such as fast charging along with it.

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Then, another shortcoming is the lack of waterproof rating feature – it is one of the important features at this time in addition to the weather in Malaysia is often unpredictable. The rainy season that sometimes we ourselves cannot anticipate. Next, mono speakers are also another of the most notable shortcomings to it. Meanwhile, there are already many nearby competitors who are able to provide stereo speakers on their smartphones.

So what do you think about this Realme gadget? Does it have a wow factor that is able to grab your attention? Share it with us in the comments section provided. For those who are interested, the Realme GT Master Edition is sold in Malaysia at a starting price of RM1,499 for the 8GB/128GB variant. If you want more storage, Realme GT Master Edition (8GB/256GB) is offered at RM1,699. There are two color options available such as Voyager Gray and Daybreak Blue.

Footnote: You can still get the Realme GT Master Edition for a lower price of RM1,399 on the first sale which takes place on 9 September 2021. Please note, the time promotion is limited to the first sale only.

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