Realme GT Master Edition

Realme has come up with several new offerings under the Realme GT Master Edition collection and one of them is the Realme GT Master Edition. As many know, smartphones under this series often feature attractive finishes inspired from everyday items in our lives. Not only that, it also received a touch of contemporary style from the famous Japanese designer, Nauto Fukusawa.

For this time, Realme and Fukusawa are seen taking inspiration from their suitcases. He said, it is specially created to cure your longing to travel. Furthermore, the tourism sector is now unable to operate rapidly in the wake of the pandemic that has had a profound effect on it. With such a concept, it is at least able to cure longing while waiting for the situation to return to normal.

Well, no need for a lengthy preface. Going back to the original purpose of this article for which we will share the full review for the Realme GT Master Edition. What is the point of interest in it? What are the significant shortcomings that you need to know? Is it an attractive smartphone, or is it just an external factor that looks beautiful? Keep reading to find out more. This phone just feels like a very premium phone that you can only get for super expensive price.

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For starters, let’s talk about its design aspects first. The Realme GT Master Edition we received is Voyager Gray. What’s unique, it uses a gray Vegan leather finish on the back panel. This means, it is able to provide good comfort despite being held for a long time. Not only that, the grip on it also feels really good. Most importantly, such a finish is actually able to reduce the effects of dirt on this Realme gadget itself