Realme 7 Display Quality

Realme 7 Display Quality – As a preamble, the author will begin this review by talking about the display on the device. Do you see anything on the display? Well, the same concept on the previous Realme 6 continues to be carried over to the Realme 7. The front display with a perforated screen design for the self-portrait camera. The display here is a 6.5-inch FHD+ size with the use of IPS LCD type panel. The focal point of the Realme 7 lies in the high refresh rate screen support that reaches 90Hz. But, this ability was actually also offered on Realme 6 before.

However, Realme 7 is still considered quite interesting. The reason is, this 90Hz screen support is what sets it apart from the Realme 7 Pro. Where, Realme 7 Pro only supports a screen with a refresh rate of 60Hz and the screen size is also smaller at 6.4-inches. But you have to know, the strength of the Realme 7 Pro is in the type of panel it uses which is Super AMOLED. So here we can see each has its respective advantages and disadvantages.

Going back to our original topic of Realme 7. Speaking of display quality, the screen is seen to be able to display bright color contrasts. All text -based displays are easy to read, in addition to the viewing angles displayed are also wide. Arguably, what Realme 7 has to offer feels balanced enough for the daily use of the majority of gadget users today. Then, the maximum brightness level on the screen also looks good, which is quite adequate for use in bright environments. The simplest example is when you are outdoors, or maybe d i under the scorching sun.

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Speaking of design, this is one of the parts that caught the writer’s attention. In the writer’s opinion, what Realme presents on the model this time is quite different from before. For everyone’s information, the review unit received is Mist White which is Realme 7 in a milky white finish. But, suppose you prefer a darker color finish. Realme 7 in Blue color may be more suitable for you to make as a choice in the heart.