Poco X3 Capabilities

Poco X3 Capabilities – Phone calls on this device are indeed very good. As we said in the audio section earlier, the vocals are optimized very well. During the use of this device, we did not encounter any problems at all.

GPS is also surprisingly this device is able to lock the location accurately and precisely. It’s also fast and the intricacies of the Google Maps application work very smoothly. Makes this device ideal for long -distance travel.

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5160mAh is a fairly large battery capacity. This makes the gadget size a little thicker and heavier. But thankfully this large battery size is not a gimmick and is capable of providing a sufficiently [long lifespan. As always, in the Amanz lab we will turn on almost all network -related settings. This is because it will make our task easier. For extreme use, including first, a variety of open applications, social media, camera, audio, GPS and more-it is capable of providing durability of around 5-6 hours SOT.

If you feel that way a little, be patient first. Normal use, such as only a handful of apps, social media and lots of streaming – no problem to reach over 7 hours of SOT. In fact we can feel that if you only turn on what is necessary and with the saving mode, this device we are sure no problem to receive a battery life of 8-9 hours SOT.

The fast charging system used is 33W USB-A to USB-C. Poco advertises the ability to charge up to 62% in 30 minutes and 100% in 65 minutes. In our tests, it took a little while to reach 100% if the device was dead. 0% to 100% is around 1 hour 15 minutes, which is like a OnePlus using a 30W Warp Charge.

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