Pixel 3a XL Processor

This Pixel 3a XL processor uses Snapdragon 670 chip if we hear is a bit disappointing. In fact, the performance is quite good, only this chip can be said to be a little unsuitable for the device in 2019. The leaked details expect the Pixel 3a series to use a chip from the Snapdragon 7xx line, unfortunately the Snapdragon 670 it uses.

With the native Android operating system, no heavy themes and no heavy apps running in the background-the performance of this device is just fine. The animation transition feels slow, when scrolling left to right or top to bottom, the presence of micro lag is felt. Just imagine, on the native launcher it was a time lag – what about the overall performance.

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Opening many applications for multi-tasking purposes, makes device performance feel slower. Switching from app to app feels like taking a while to reload. Most annoying is WhatsApp, notifications will only occasionally be received. Most of the time, I need to open the WhatsApp app first to receive notifications. Multi-tasking frustrated, WhatsApp frustrated, but what about the first?

Of course, the first one I tested was PUBG Mobile. On the first homepage everything is smooth, but in the settings – the maximum graphics; that can be set is HD only. Quite disappointing, for OLED gadget and FHD+ resolution only support at that level. Then, as soon as I got inside – my character was just a floating head; and a serious time delay began to be felt.

The screen of this Google Pixel device is 6.0-inches with FHD+ resolution and the panel is OLED. The device is powered by a Snapdragon 670; which is matched with 4GB of RAM memory and 64GB of internal storage. For the camera it uses only one lens on the back; which is a 12.2MP lens, while the selfie camera is 8.0MP.

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