Pixel 3a XL Design

The Google Pixel 3a XL design is ‘ok’, and just comfortable in the hand. I prefer to use this device without any frame. It’s not slippery and importantly on the back it looks premium from a distance.

An appropriate design score of 7/10 is sufficient.


The selling price of Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL is actually cheap. But cheap for those in the United States. This is because, there are not many middle class devices and if there are any – the camera quality, display and performance are very disappointing. With the presence of these two middle class devices from Made by Google, it is a good choice for the users there.

The official sale price there is just $ 399 for the 4/64 GB Pixel 3a and $ 479 for the 4/64 GB Pixel 3a XL. When compared to their flagship Pixel 3 device which sells for $ 799 – $ 999 (when launched), this Pixel 3a series is quite cheap. Almost half as cheap.

But if the currency is exchanged directly in RM, the price is RM1653 and RM1986. Sellers in Malaysia sell from around RM1950 – RM2499 depending on color and stock availability. The price is quite expensive, which is the price of a powerful middle class device like the Xiaomi Mi 9T – it costs only RM1199 and it is many times more powerful, only the camera is a little less.

So, the price score on me is 6/10.

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This pixel gadget can be said to be self -contained. It has NFC and security is a classic fingerprint scanner placed on the back; and most interestingly, a 3.5mm audio jack port. The camera results in close proximity to the Pixel 3, an ‘ok’ screen; adequate audio and even a premium design-this device is just fine.

For just social media and cameras, this is a great device. For beginners and multi-tasks, it’s a terrible device. Easiest for you to imagine, this is a modern ‘digital camera’.

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