Pixel 3a XL Battery

The Google Pixel 3a XL battery is quite large at 3700mAh and it uses a USB-PD 2.0 fast charging system. The power of the charger in the box is 18W maximum. The good thing here is, the flagship Google Pixel 3 device and the mid -range Pixel 3a XL device – have the same fast charging system.

With this 3700mAh battery capacity, it indirectly makes the first Google Pixel gadget with the largest battery size. I managed to have the battery life reach around 7 Hours SOT. I reached this level due to poor device performance, so I didn’t play any firsts. I only use WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and shopping apps only.

However, when I use Google Chrome regularly – the battery life only lasts under 6 Hours SOT. When added using a photo editing app and a lot of video watching, the durability is only around 3-4 Hours SOT only. The 18W fast charging on me is a bit slow, as devices like the Samsung Galaxy A80 or iQOO Neo use 25W and 22.5W fast charging.

My appropriate score is 7/10.

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Before looking at the front, I’ll tell you a little story on the back. It uses a two -tone color design similar to the Pixel 2 and Pixel 3. Only, the Pixel 3a XL uses entirely plastic building materials and from the point of view it still looks premium. It only feels cheap when held alone.

On the back there is a camera lens at the top, an LED flash, a fingerprint scanner and even the G logo. On the front is the most disappointing. Thick frame design and very thick forehead and chin. On the forehead, there is a selfie camera and also an earpiece. On the right side there is a power button and a volume button. The left side is just a SIM card slot, below is the USB-C port and speaker lattice and above is the microphone and the most interesting and greatest-the 3.5mm audio jack port.

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