Oppo Reno6 Pro Battery

Although the Oppo Reno6 Pro battery is 4500mAh and the Reno5 Pro is 4350, which is 150mAh larger there is no difference whatsoever in terms of durability. Light use is not a problem reaching 7-9 hours of SOT with a durability of around 5-6 hours of extreme use. The charging power is also still the same at 65W with SuperVOOC 2.0 technology.

Oppo promises 31 minutes of full charging and 5 minutes of charging can guarantee videos can be played up to 4 hours. There is no difference at all with the past, maybe we should look forward to other innovations like MagVOOC as if MagDart is coming to see the difference and more interesting things.

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In terms of design it does seem to be no different, but this change in internal specifications plays a huge role. It changes the user experience drastically. The screen may also be no different such as design, device size, curved design, 90Hz support and many more. But Color OS 11.3 provides a boost for a slightly better user experience.

Performance is also over 2x faster than the Oppo Reno5 Pro. The addition of virtual RAM even a small percentage in change, which is important real -time use is good and not problematic. The audio on this device is also really immersive and the camera quality is slightly better. Hopefully this AI issue can be fixed in Color OS 12 or an upcoming update. The perandi vibration motor that is on the next level is also enough to make me almost fall in love with this Oppo gadget.

The selling price of RM2,999 in my opinion is quite expensive. A good effort in trying to give the experience of approaching a landmark device over RM3 thousand. For performance and no hot issues when photography and the first might be worth it because of the 19GB of RAM and SD870 that helps. But for balanced use I feel the Mi 11 is still among the best despite only 8GB of RAM.

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