Oppo Reno6 Main Display

Moving to the Oppo Reno6 main display, the Oppo Reno6 uses a 6.4-inch AMOLED screen with FHD+ resolution and supports a 90Hz refresh rate. Nearby, too, you’ll find a hole in the screen for front camera placement. Then, the bezels on the left, right and top screens also look even. Except, the bezel on the chin part which is still quite thick fixed this is common for most phones in the same class.

Undoubtedly, a 90Hz panel is a major consideration by most consumers today when it comes to buying a new phone. Just as usual, the 90Hz panel will definitely use a lot of battery. Still, don’t worry because you can just change it to a 60Hz screen which is definitely better for longer battery life. For us personally, the 60Hz screen is also actually enough for normal daily use. If only for the use of social media scrolling or maybe replying to messages on the WhatsApp application. In general, it does not indicate any problems at all.

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However, if you notice there is still a clear shortcoming where it has only two settings, namely the standard for the 60Hz screen. Next, High is for the 90Hz screen. But there are absolutely no settings for auto -changing refresh rate support like most devices on the market. However, it is actually not a big issue to discuss as everything is still fine and the Oppo usage experience is also smooth. Only if there is such an option, I will definitely appreciate it more.

In terms of gadget quality, we also did not face any problems with the screen. What can we say the screen has a satisfactory level of brightness even when using it outdoors. Then, the color production also looks quite good, bright and the viewing angle is also satisfactory. One more thing, video problems spill over into the sides also do not occur due to its boxy design.

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