Oppo Reno6 5G

Oppo has just launched several new smartphones under their Reno series for consumers in Malaysia and one of them is the Oppo Reno6 5G. It is a continuation for the Oppo Reno5 model that was introduced around early last year. Through it, we can see where the exterior design is indeed quite attractive with a modern concept that not only looks charming.

But, it also offers a premium style. Not only that, this Oppo gadget also comes with attractive color options such as Aurora and Stellar Black. In addition, the construction of the device is good enough to provide optimum comfort to all users. So, what else is there on this smartphone? On this occasion, come with me for us to explore more deeply about it.

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We start the review article with design. As is well known, the smartphone range under the Reno series typically has a light mass and a fairly elegant finish. Just like the Oppo Reno6 itself where the quality of the finish is the main aspect that is a strength to it. It’s just that the way he performed this time was a little different. The reason is, the Oppo Reno6 uses a boxy build with a flat screen and body.

Honestly no negative comments from us about it. This is due to the build on it which is compact enough to be able to present a comfortable user experience while in the grip. In fact, the use of flat sides is also actually a little helpful in further increasing the surface area of the device. At the same time, it also makes the device look pretty neat. The design is perfect for the average user, and i think it can be accepted by regular user.

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