Oppo Reno6 5G Conclusion

In Oppo Reno6 5G conclusion here, the Oppo Reno6 Pro not only has the latest attractions for the photography enthusiast only. On the other hand, it is also loaded with various other advantages. Premium construction with attractive finish is able to show a unique side to it. Coupled with the balance in performance makes it in a class of its own.

But unfortunately, the lack of a relatively small battery creates a sense of error. Still, Oppo acted wisely by including fast charging support on it. And again notable drawback is the absence of 3.5mm audio jacks and mono speakers definitely have an impact on some users who expect it.

So how? Will you have one? Undoubtedly the user experience is fine overall. Once again we say, the Oppo Reno6 is indeed in a class of its own. Even so, you actually still need to know what exactly is wanted.


Comfortable gadget design in the hand.
AMOLED screen with 90Hz support that feels good.
Good -in -class processor & built -in 5G support.
Good camera capabilities with various specific modes.
Fast 65W wired charging.

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The battery is a bit small.
Mono speakers.
Absence of 3.5mm audio jack.

Night Mode Enabled

But, there are still some problems that you will face. Among them, you will notice support for an unstable focus system where it is quite difficult to focus on an object or subject. Next, it also took quite a long time i.e. around a few seconds for the capture to be made.

Speaking of wide-angle photo results, it is also not disappointing because it is still able to provide images with good details and details. Not only that, the color production is also good. Finally, the macro mode looks mediocre. Just like his selfie shots we felt were at a moderate level.

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