Oppo Reno Camera

Not the greatest but good enough for me to use it as my first Hari Raya Oppo Reno camera. Good color, beautiful, sharp and enough details. Oppo is trying their best to give the camera as a flagship device on this premium mid -range device.

Check out the camera sample below, isn’t it beautiful? Satisfying enough and good enough to share on social media. For night mode, the result looks good and beautiful. Yes that’s right, it’s beautiful. But if you zoom in on the picture you will see a lot of noise. A little disappointed there. But just for social media and sharing with loved ones it is already ‘ok’.

For the video, I’m sure many people already know if shared on social media, especially Stories-regardless of Facebook/WhatsApp/Instagram, the result will be like 3GP or CCTV footage. For normal recording, the results are mediocre. To this day I have never again found an Oppo gadget that has the best video recording results.

Overall, the camera score I gave was 7/10.

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Although the battery of this device is 3675mAh, extreme use can still reach SOT around 5 Hours (manual count). Meanwhile, ordinary consumers like social media and watching videos offline is around 6-7 Hours SOT manual count. The standby time is about 2-3 days if you rarely use it. It’s a bit of a surprise that the battery is durable enough, because I guess when it’s close to the pinnacle device – the battery performance is poor. But it’s the other way around.

Plus with VOOC 3.0 fast charging support, the user experience of this device is only improved and positive. VOOC 3.0 is based on 20W power similar to Dash Charging, so the charging time is around 1 Hour 15 Minutes to 1 Hour 30 Minutes. Slightly disappointing that this device does not support any USB-PD charging and is limited to its own fast charging only.

The battery score for this device is 9/10.

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